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My First FULL Song (:

I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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Yeah, man I look into the mirror, wish life was as easy as my hat, make it a snapback two of time simpleness back when I aint want money, all I wanted was a wish, Dream'n in my bedroom; typical kid. Never let them tell me what real is , but they think they know so they tellin me I'm wack, all white schools sayin I don't rap black. Man they mad we steady winnin, keeping our independance by keeping it to ourselves and keepin away from sin'n wonder why they listen they see us cause we different, they see me cause they like the way I cram that, hey. (Chorus): And ima, lyrical mozart. Like a big dream, big sleep, young mogart.I don't act hard I just show more heart. I'd rather be the escort then the body guard. Hey mama look they say I'm hot stuff, use to be a rugrat now I'm all grown up. Use to wait for a chance now they all showin up, use to tell them that I'm sick now I'm all thrown up, and now we all throwin them up ($$$). They told me I'd never do it, I never listened to them cause people who knew it, knew it. He'd blow up any second man, never be the 2nd man, lookin first hand wit my 2nd hand, damn. They say they love it now, I hear them bumping my songs when I come around. I might be a smartazz but things have never got me down even when I see the top from the underground. When sail I don't think they gone get me...but I'm hoping they'll never get me livin' 360 lifes a game and the only people to remain are the people who came with me.
(Chorus): And ima lyrical mozart. Like a big dream, big sleep, young mozart.I don't act hard I just show more heart. I'd rather be the escort then the body guard.
Lol there, and thats actually my first song now that I think about it e .e

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Other answers:

lol thats actually really good no lie
Lol o.O thank you "Lap Guy"
every thing looks like essays to yall haha
Yeah lol I forgot some punctuation >< and I misspelled a couple words too I think lol
This has no feeling. My emotion during this was pure boredom. Congrats. Your almost there :)
I wouldn't expect a robot to have feelings but thank you ^-^ lol (:
@BradNasty I really liked it good job, just push a littler harder in it (:
I disagree witcha Brit I think its just perfect the way it is :D GOOD JOB NINJA PAL
\m/ u rock
Thank Ju Elii ♥♥♥♥♥♥ You Rock c:
ITS AMAZIN!!! ;D no lie!! i love it!!! great job ;D
Thank you lol sorry I was babysitting female tarzan ...
O.o lol xD^^
I meant my niece sorry (:
lol XD
I might do a recording and add some music to it
Should I ?
you really except me to read this long song?
Yes, yes I do c: or wait like a week or 2 when I finish recording
YES u should!!!
*Sigh* I'll do it just for you
You better ~ . ~ or ima tell mom. and ok lol I'll start working on it
It's Awesomeness
I like Alyx description c; but thank you ♥
Its really awesome!! I love it!!! :D
RECOORD!!! i cant wait!!! its awesome ;D

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