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PlEASE HELP ? I can't manage to find the correct answer in my graphing calulator (PICTURE BELOW)

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@UnkleRhaukus Can you help me please
@zordoloom Can you help me please

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Other answers:

The proper graph is on graphcd.jpg.
So the second attachement, first image.
Oh okay, but i got a different answer on my graph cal. I feel like its messed up or something
Make sure you put parentheses.
Actually, wait one sec.
i can lend you my graphing calculator
Aww thanks @AravindG
yw :)
On the first attachement, is there an intersection at y=-10?
It looks like the first attachement, graph 2.
@zordoloom I think its under the -10, but it is by it. & im checking in my cal. now
Okay, Its the on the first attachement, graph 2 then.
How did you get that answr ?
I graphed the graph and found its derivative. And it has an intersection below -10.
oh okay so if we look back is my answer A ?
:( What is it ?
I think it would be b. Because its the second graph on the first attachment. They aren't lettered, so I don't really know.
Ill show you one at a time.
1 Attachment
Yeah thats b Are you 100% sure ?
I'm about to try and graph it one more time
Yes, Positive.
Thankyou. Do you think you can help me with another problem im having trouble with ?
So, was it correct?
1 Attachment
Give me a moment.
Okay, it's either the first one, or the third one.
How do you know that ?
Take the limit as x goes to 0.
Is this by any chance calculus?
Its the first one.
I still don't understand lol How did you get that ? can you please show me.
Have you studied limits?
Yes i took notes & i'm looking over them now, but i just need just a little help of how you got that.
are you 100% sure its the first one.
Sure. So you start by multiplying everything out. Then canceling like factors and you get the first and third choice.
Yes, 100%.
So the only option left is the first one.
Im working out the problem. & thank you :)
Another easy way to figure this out really fast is by looking at the options that are give. You can then determine that the only possible restriction is x can't equal 1. Everything else works.
Thank you so much . I'll keep that in mind. Do you have time for another problem you can help me ?
So plug it into your calculator, and plug x=1, You'll not get a solution there, since there is a vertical asympotoe.
Still loooking at it.
Me to . I'm adleasttrying to work it out to see if i get the right answer.
Is that a 6b in the denominator?
That's defiantly a typo. it should be n.
Say what now ?
Assuming it's a typo, the correct answer is the second one.
The b in the denominator is a typo, a mistake. There is no answer with a b in it, therefore no solution exist. But if you replace the "b" with a "n" you get the second choice that is listed.
I got that to well almost. Kinda of similar. Can you please Show me work on how you got that so i can write it down and comapre it mine.
Do you not trust me?
I do haha, but im very aware of my grades and answers so i will ask are you 100% lol sorry
Your a big help & i wanna thank you
100%. but again there is a mistake in the question.
@zordoloom a better idea would hav been guiding her to that solution instead of pointing out which option is right ..that way she could have understood it 100%
You start by factoring the top part and get (x+1)(x+2)
I dont see a typo. Im checking over my answer on my paper just to double check.
@Kayy_Drizzyy did you like my calculator ? :)
And then factor the denominator and get (x+2)(x+4)
Alright @zordoloom Thanks a lot you were a lot of help.
Okay i see . I'm writting it down.
Are you good with complex fractions ? & thank you i understand that problem now .
More complex than these?
well to be honest im TERRIBLE with this & you helping me with this problem will mean a lot.
I gotta go in 5 minutes.
awww man
So post the question.
1 Attachment
I would say its the last option.
You would say ? Lol are you sure? Do we need to review
I'm sure.
It's none of the first 3, that's for sure. So it must be the last one.
Were any of the previous answer wrong?
I havent submited it yet. So im not sure. But you can go now. Thank you so much for your help.

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