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ok my second try XD one of my freestyles

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1 Attachment
there it is~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally @BradNasty the one i want you to finish

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Other answers:

this thing takes forever to download .-.
ikr it didnt work the first time so i made this lol
its not working on my laptop D;
ikr! ^
Lmaoooo he says I'm sexi and i know it lol But It's Great abs :D
thank you lol ill find a way for you to see it @evergirl
@thatjacksonguy ill make u a sick as beat for your next song
all day thanx bro
Lol ayyy dats a tight cover roro :D
thanx bro
roro i cant see it :(
i had the same problem :C ^
I'm gonna restart my computer n try again! brb
and lisa eating pizza lol dat was funny xD
nice voice roro
thank you
He got me beat :D
i wouldn't say that
i like roro's beat better, HOWEVER im in love with YOUR voice xD
its just so smooth lol
Lol cause he did a cover
yeah but yours was original
u gotta teach me that lil laugh u do at the beginning xD
Lol me & roro gonna hook sumthin up
omg u two combind = ear-GASM x)
ooooh woow... but yeah, true :)^^
Hahaha yuuup :D
my rymes r original lol
i never said they weren't xD wait but i thought he said u did a cover...? oh nvrmind ya'll were BOTH gud
hell yea me and brad gonna kill it one tyme tho
lol eargasm
isn't that whatcha just done did xD
omg i love pretending to act ghetto xD
i can see that lol XD
not working very well, obviously
a little lol
Had me fooled :D I though you where 100% hood lmao
xD hahaha ^

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