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You Said You Was Gone Search Me Up Kill When You Find My Location - Come on Try Me I'm Rep-ping My Nation - In Colorado Is Where I'm About To Be Stationed - Let You Burn Like A Cremation - With No Hesitation - From My Translation - Notations - From My Probation - and Rotation And Relations - And Killing My Collaborations By Assassination - I Don't Like Fu** Boys Either Kick Them In The Face With A Cleat No Sneakers - Calling My A Cheater Ima Hit You With A Beaker - And Leave Your Body Leaking And Rap About It On La Leakers - Yea Bro Im Fine - I Got More Brain Then Your Mind - The I Get You Out Lined u Got 20 - 20 Vision But Your Still Blind - So Called Friends Tryna Get At My Girl Knowing That She Is My F-cking World - Well Its Time For My To Unhurt And Swirl And Twirl - But Its Cool Im About To Stop Doing What I Love Most - All These Haters Thinking They All Good Trying To Boast - They All Cool Saying Me And Them Close - But Its Cool All Ima Do Is Just Let It Coast - Well I Kinda Feel Like My Time Is Near - And I Got My New Gear - and Yall With F-cking Queers - I'm Done - Barrel To My Head - pm9 Gun -!

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