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Invisible ~Bradley (Not Yet Recorded - Lyrics)

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omg i wrote n recorded a song with the same name!!! :O
but it's not good so don't ask to here it...

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Other answers:

They say I'm wasting my time I say you wasting your breath. Music man is my life. I'll make it into the depth, make it till the death, I put that line on my chest, my family and my friends, people sayin that I'm next. Tell me I got skill, I'm a underground king, they say they're overwhelemed and I'm only starting. You can kick it wit me just know it could get a lil messy, life gets real and heavy, but I wont stop until they remember every word in every belly. And I'm hopin they tell me that I'm crazy for, cause aint no lock I wont go in like I was still important and every track that I'm recordin is fresher then any new jordans won't be long till I'm tourin, yeah everything bout me is evolve'n. I'm fantasizing my brain. People screamin my name. B-A-N-D-A-N-A, they know all my suits and all my chains. Thats bandana on your radio, Bandana on your brain. All these women on my..just tryna see how far I came. Cause they where there from the start they was with me from the beginin but give'em some lemons they suddenly thinking different. I know in the begin'n they livin cause we livin, seems everytime your happy everyone else is a critic! Haha, but I love'em for dat they hatin just gone make me better wit all of my raps. And all the pressure they give me, give me dimes for all my flack, turn the statement I'm investin into a "matter of fact." Yeah, people knew me cause I dream up. Now I'm reaching heights higher than the mean star. Sweet life, livin' like the Kristy Kreme store, where everyday is like the end of bad people. Chorus: (x2) Yeah and if you didnt know, its bandana top floor on original, and we venture where no one would ever go, and do the incredible, like no one ever before.
- . - Ughh finally lol
I messed some of these up trying to rush lol.
*Speachless* ....It's Freakin Amaaazzziiinnggg ♥♥♥ Y u think you don't rap lol.. Da best :D
Aha thanks
Wait till you hear the recording :]
When you gonna do ettt?
Tomorrow lol
Kk :)
I already have a beat and that kinda stuff lol
Lol they been awesome :)
F A N T A S T I C !!!!!!!
Y O U 'R E F A N T A S T I C

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