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How to overcome stress and nervousness?

Health Sciences
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What sort of stressful situation are you thinking of, here? The first thing that we can do, in order to alleviate all kinds of stressful situations, is to stop, and breathe. Breathe slowly, deeply, and deliberately. Whether the stress goes with anger, or sadness, or fear, our emotions can feed, and cycle off of our bodies. And those emotions can get in the way of our ability to make rational decisions. So, we breathe, in order to maintain some control over our heart rate, blood flow, and adrenaline.
A peson can be stressed and still breath normally, imo the breathing exercise would be more effective if the person finds his or herself hyperventilating, otherwise, i feel the overcoming of stress and nervousness should have a more mental approach....taking into consideration the cause.
The breathing technique was something that my psychology professor shared with us. As both a professor and a therapist, she often shared it with students who experience stress and anxiety over test taking. ~~~~~~~~~~ You're right that mental approaches are an important part of stress management. The breathing technique is one that we can use, across nearly ALL situations that produce stress and nervousness. I understand that a person will not necessarily hyperventilate under stress. But when a person is involved in a stressful situation, the adrenal glands release adrenaline. This can, in turn, cause headaches, upset stomach, and raised blood pressure. The breathing technique is not simply designed to control breathing. It's to help regulate blood pressure and blood flow. To keep it in check. The "mental approaches," that you mentioned, require that we be fit to process rational thoughts. To think clearly. By starting with breathing exercises, we can ease ourselves into a form that is better fit to handle the actual stress.

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Other answers:

The stressful situation that i am facing is delivering a speech in front of my class.
Seriously, forget everything that I just said. If abb0t says you should drink, then you need to go out, get a bottle of tequila, and drink until you speak fluent spanish. Now. Right now. Just do it.
I will try breathing trick.
then u should forget the class that lies infront of you and concertate in your speech than your class...

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