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New Song - Different Life
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Gone And Thats All Bad - No Real Friends That I Had - Keep It Up You Doing Good Brad - Well I Keep It On Lock I Stay Fly On You sleek-feathered ones Call Me A Hawk - Get Jawed In The Face As I Walk - You Want To Learn About Me Then Lets Just Talk - Okay I Started Rapping At Five - Friends Lieing So I Guest Our Friendships Were A Lie - At 8 I Had To Learn How To Drive - Then At 13 I Got Stabbed With A Jagged Knife - And I Could Never Be A Normal Kid - Had To Grow Up So Fast So I Can Take Care of My Little Bro That Was Sick - In And Out Of The Hospital - Didn't Think I Was Fit For It - Should Have Been Dead A Long Time Ago - So Much Hurt So Its Time For Me To Let It Go - Why Do People Have To Hate - Friends Acting Stupid Acting So Fake - Im In My Fcking Free State In A Provate Killing My Collaborate -Well Its Anger That I Build Up In The Booth To Deliver It Right To You!

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