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Hi! I joined the 'Cancer Biology: From Basic Research to the Clinic' course. Is there anyone else who has started this course recently? I would like to have a study partner!

MIT OCW Biology
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Just joined.........
@ShaheenShah- Were you able to access the reading/study material?
@April... Well, there seems no video/audio material (has unzipped it) I checked : When we click the start.htm, it redirects to the index.htm (the home page)...may be a mail should be sent to OCW to double check

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Other answers:

Yes, you are right. I think this course doesn't have any video lectures, and only the material to be accessed are the links given in the home page-study material section. This course is about getting a hang of reading scientific articles and there are assignments for each week.
that aint easy - I need to bounce back to Youtube : hav an exam on 10th..reading a lot doesn't help...
What course are you studying right now? You can go to the online lectures from different universities and listen to lectures on cell signalling and cancer, cell cycle etc.. try google for videos on these subjects..
I into IT - and in the Process of moving to Bioinformatics..I feel the need to be specific in Biotech - my choice (and in ways - need) in that of Cancer Research -- have certain personal reasons too.. my wife is into Biotech; I do have PDFs of books that may be helpful for U, April
Oh! That would be great.. What books do you have?
let me have a check on that...I have it on another soon would be needing them?
Just for general reading.. not like I have an exam or anything.. Whenever you can, update me about which books you have..!
Ok Cool....What made U choose CB - if I may ask?
I am applying for PhD in cancer biology.. So thought I should brush up on the basics..
I too plan to do in the near future - Canada/Australia....When would you be needed them? All the best for the PhD
Thank you! And all the best to you too. You can just tell me the names of the ebooks that you have, and if I dont have them, I ll tell you which ones.
Where is this course? It sounds interesting!

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