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HELP!!!! MEDAL WILL BE AWARDED!!!!! Now that you have learned about the impact of World War I on different groups of Americans at home, imagine that social media websites, like Facebook or Twitter, were available during this time. What would minority groups' updates or tweets look like? You will use your knowledge of the treatment of minority groups in the United States during World War I and your familiarity with social media such as Facebook and Twitter to complete the assignment for this lesson.

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Use the Native American postings as an example to create two posts from the perspective of each of the following groups: German Americans Jewish Americans Asian Americans Hispanic Americans Women Dissenters Your posts should address the following questions: How was this group treated by the U.S government during World War I? How was this group treated by other Americans during World War I? What was the reaction of the group to the way they were treated? How did World War I change the way these groups live in the United States?
how long do your posts need to be?
just a short answer.

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Other answers:

which ones do you want to use?
I think the first one.
oh wait i read that wrong, we have to use all of the choices and answer two of the questions about them umm you do 3 and ill do 3
sound good?
I already have the first one for the german americans
alrite lets hear it ^.^
It was bad that the German Americans were treated. I imagine saying you were proud German wouldn’t have cut it in those days. And definitely not as bad as blacks were in the 50's. They say since they didn’t really have to announce they were German unless you seen their name and figured it out, most not any different treatment at all. They were treated much worse during world war 1.
How were they treated much worse in ww1?
Honestly, I think they were much more treated worse than the others in WW1. That's all I can say. Still confused about the others.
Well you gotta give examples so here, basically they were discriminated against in which people would change the spelling of their name or they would drop german classes from highschools... um oh and they would have like "party lines" and wouldnt be allowed to speak in german so english speaking operators could listen in on them.
ah, okay. I understand. So they weren't treated very harshly. They had to learn the American way.
That's what I think.
Exactly, the were somewhat discriminated against but like you said, nowhere near as bad as blacks in those times.
okay so what next?
Im also confused on the second question for the german americans- wait. I think I have to do it with every group. Its gonna take a long time to do this :(
No you'll be alright im here to help (:
Thanks, yes Im confused on the second question. I tried seeking help on Google, there was nothing. Im also homeschooling, so I have no teachers to help me.
What was the second question thats confusing you?
How was this group treated by other Americans during World War I? (German Americans)
maybe looked at funny by other americans or somewhat feared and misunderstood
Is it just only 2 questions I have to do? Because I need to do it for every group.
im pretty sure its just two questions per group
okay so well do women next?
oh, okay then! sure, yes women.
How were the women treated by other Americans during WW1?
How did World War I change the way these groups live in the United States? use that to find the answer for this question and by other americans reactions varied, some looked at them like they shouldnt be working like men or wearing pants and dressing the way they did whereas other americans found it empowering
true. Yes, I'll use that. I wish could give you another medal! :D Okay for the next one I think it will be: How were women treated by the U.S government during World War I?
i just gave you a link to answer How did WW1 change the way these groups live in the us. it blends with your question.
and dont mention it :p
Oh, I didn't notice that. Sure, will do that!
alrite what next
I think, lets take the Asian americans.
okay you start
um, okay.
Numerous Chinese and Japanese began immigrating to the U.S. in the mid-19th century for work, because of poor economic conditions in their home nations. Many of the immigrants worked as laborers on the transcontinental railroad. Although the absolute numbers of Asian immigrants in the late 19th century were small compared to that of immigrants from other regions, much of it was concentrated in the West, and the increase caused some Americans to fear the change represented by the growing number of Asians. This fear was referred to as the "yellow peril". The United States passed laws such as Asian Exclusion Act and Chinese Exclusion Act to sharply restrict Asian immigration.
Found it on Wikipedia
okay put that in your own words (:
okay. Many of the immigrants that came from Asia they worked as domestic laborers in America. Unlikely there was an Excitution Act, which the American Gov. passed the laws.
That's all I can summarize.
Okay yeah, thats a start. Id go a liiiiiiiiiiittle further and say, Americans started fearing the growing number of Asian immigrants so much that they passed an Asian Exclusion Act and Chinese Exclusion Act that restricted immigration.
what question was that answering?
How did World War I change the way these Asian Americans live in the United States?
okay what question are we using next?
What was the reaction of the Asian Americans to the way they were treated?
This one i dont even think you have to look up, how would you feel about the way you were treated?
I think they- IDK. I think they were populating america which was bad.
not at all!
how would it be bad that they were populating america?
no I meant I think it was about the Acts.
Oh okay so how do you feel about those acts other then that it was bad?
Im in the verge of confusion now.
just google the question then
okay. :)
The last 20 years or so has seen Asian Americans become the fastest-growing targets for hate crimes and violence.
ehhhh that has nothing to do with ww1.
found it in this website:
try this link
they continued to face discrimination. Speaking out about it, however, felt risky considering their past treatment.
BRB I gotta go. I'll tag you in the question when I get back. :D

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