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64s^2+144s=-81 can anyone help on this one. Solving for s

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64s^2+144s+81=0 (8s+9)^2=0 8s+9=0 8s=-9 s=-9/8
@marsss Thank you for the setup

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Other answers:

I think this problem is quadtradic
i believe it is too
@godorovg you're a genius :)
@treydwg you're too :)
thanks lol
so the solution set would be
I working on it
in this problem the first clue is being = 0 usally says Quad needs to be used.
What is the easier way of working out qUADRATIC without using the quad formula?
64^2 is a peferct square so that always tells that this will invole in a square root to slove
you could use a^2+B^2=c^2 as well
So I got -1.125, -1.125. Can I write -1.125^2. Or is this considered incorrect?
yes you can do that with 1.125^2 if you used the Quad form you would plus ninus which is what the problem is asking for..
Ok i just wrote it twice. lets see if it counts it correct?
treydwg first thing to know in this problem 64s^2+144s+81=0 all of the numbers are perfect squares. what that means taking the square root will be a number for example you take square root of 81 which is, we can check this by 9^2 and yes it equals 9.
what about 2v^2+7v+5 and I need tofactor by grouping?
I am at (2v^2+5v)(2v+5) and stuck
@godorovg can you assist?
where do I go from here?
in this problem we need to use F,.O.I .L
ok yes
so now take the 2v^2 and times to 2v what is the answer
close try again
4v is right your power is wrong
where are you getting the 2v^2*2v?
because you typed 4v^2 while ago
recall the problem here (2v^2+5v)(2v+5)
yes that what I have
the (2v+5) is where im stuck
what can I factor out of that?
now 4v is right because 2v times 2v =4v^2 but that is not what is happening here. You have a power being times by V what is the power of the V? that power of the V is ^1 and when times 2v^2 time 2v = 4v^3
so what happened here is we times the 2's to get 4 and v^2 + v^1 =V^3 see that
let me look at that hold on
ok I see it
now how do I fix the last part?
if you have a question plz ask me..
factoring will not be in use unti we finish F.O.I.L
I have (2v+5) how can I faactor this
no you can not factor that..
ok I see now so this is what I have after foil 4v^3+10v^2+35v
now we can factor
by grouping?
no grouping there are no a like terms here
I know but i was going to use 35v and try to make another number to group
can not do that srry
ok so wehre from here
no GCF in common
okay let us look at this 4v^3+10v^2+35v what is the same with all the numbers?
yes V so how many V's can be factored?
now look at the numbers what can each number be divided by?
that is the answer it can not be factored any further
ahhhhhhh! Thats my problem i want to always factor further :/
Thank you
treydwg here is a help for you, if you have done all the factoring right than find a number that divides in to the first and see if it works for example 2 will go ino 4 =2 2 will also go into 10 five times but here is a question for you will 2 divide even into 35?
if the answer is no than you are finished..
no it wont and that was my problem
welcome anytime
before I leave any questions plz ask me
working on another
If you need help I am here
5x-3=14x+6 I got x=-1
5x-3=14x+6 get a like terms together so we x terms let us put the tgether like this 14x-5x=6-3 recall when a + or - crosses the equals sign it changes
yes that is right
ok i did that one a little wrong thank you
now this one is throwing me off cuz the a^2 I have a^2=10-3a I got a^2=5/2
no now think about this one? come you do it!!
first off you can not a^2 = 10 -3a and come out with a^2=5/2 no..
hint what happens to the problem when all nunbers are moved like this a^2+3a-10= what is this problem?
what did I say when a problem is set to zero is?
nothing is on one side
or they are all on one side rather
have to factor?
recall the problem a^2 = 10 -3a now look at the problem a^2+3a-10=
we have to find something in common
so what type of problem is this? not factoring
quadratic equation
so i need to find out what two numbers product is 10 and sum is 3 right?
yes but I will let you try this way.
don't forget the a^2
awesome thank you again!
so the solution set is (a+5)(a-2)?
now I want you to check this
k how do I check?
simply take this (a+5)(a-2) use F.O.I.L and see if you get this back a^2+3a-10=
if you do than you are right..
did you get it?
treydwg if you need help let me know..
now I got this one wrong? dont know why? r^2+2r-48 I got (r+8)(r-6)
sorry working on another one
which the - to 8 and try again
but 6-8 = -2 and not 2
try both -
that gives me a +48 and not -48
i am pretty sure im right but the computer counted it wrong??
treydwg is this a test?
yeah but I have three times to take
I can not figure this out and i know im right!
can you figure out why its wrong?
give me a minute
I have already taken the test. just reviewing results
okay that is better, I can get big trouble for helping on tests..
because you have taken it already no worries
yes all done and really confused because my answers I beleive are correct. There are many more like that. Have you figured out why im wrong?
working on it
thank you
okay try 24 times and see what happens and work it again
24 times 2?
friends are here
brb for me I have company over will back soon
thank you

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