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distructive,offensive feedback message "Hermes will be proud".

OpenStudy Feedback
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is this the only way to know weather the message has been sent,it is not neccesary to include the greek god of the ancient i feel like i am an implicit servitude of these ancient mythology. i would be pleased if these message was omitted from openstudy feedback messaging process,instead something like 'message sent successfully'
lol.. may be this is a way of getting to heaven never know lol I mean may be you send messages and work your way into heaven or something like that.. HA HA..
I'm afraid we're not going to get rid of the tongue-in-cheek humor anytime soon. We enjoy the fact that the site has personality, and part of that are the small jokes that are distributed throughout. I'm not sure why you're offended by a religion so old I would be surprised if it had any surviving adherents anywhere in the world, but this is not something we're willing to compromise on at the moment. Sorry!

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Other answers:

This is a joke, right?
and i am offended because this is surely subtle idolatry,the worship of a greek god . i am not pleased with this idolatry no matter its anachronism,if being humourus about such matters why dont you use a phrase that does not imply any worship because theres only one GOD did you notice that your suffix name is fiend=devil
First of all, fiend does not mean devil. Second, this is not a form of idolatry. Again, it's just for humor. Calm down. Geez.
@Jonask, while I would like for you to continue to be a member of this community, if you cannot accept light humor related to a mostly-if-not-completely dead religion, then you will not be comfortable here. We are not getting into a religious discussion. The matter of how many gods there are or are not is completely irrelevant to our choice of humor. There are much stronger things I could say on the subject, but they will not help the situation. It boils down to this: we will not remove the reference to Hermes. You yourself used the term “mythology”. A myth is widely accepted in English as an untrue thing. As such, I'm afraid I cannot sympathize with your concern.
Shadow, you make this look so easy ._.
but I still go with #TEAM @karatechopper >:D
To be honest as a user on this site, it doesn't bug me. In fact I think it is funny so I poke fun of it. Sometimes in life you need to laugh at things and move on, I find that unless I can change what is wrong I move on. I think this one of those things can not be changed move on and have fun with it just my two cents life is too short for this stuff..
i believe theres thousands of phrases one can use for humour without reference to any celestial beign or god.and seeing this feedback whenever i sent a message makes me wanna discourage any one coming on openstudy because it will enforce slavery into an unknown god i would not engage in pagan revelry Acts 10:14 Idols are not significant but these is a humour based on demons and i dont want to prticipate in with demons,Do we dare to rouse the jelous of the LORD
what is humour if it offends ones conscience
I've already made our stance on this clear. I'm afraid there's no further room for debate. If it means you must tell people that they should not visit OpenStudy because we refer to Hermes, I am sad to hear it, but that is your prerogative. It is my hope that you will share your reasons for this advice and let those folks make up their own minds, but that is also up to you. I'm going to go ahead and close this question, as I don't see it going anywhere productive. Sorry we couldn't help out!
I think you are overreacting to this, understand is here to help students and I find this matter not to be worth this time I am spending on it now. Why than would you want to be here for you are so offened for ? And the fact because you can not see the humor in this, you will try to get others not to use this site? Are you joking me? I mean if you don't like this site than don't post here, not to be mean but this site is for students not to find stuff to complain about. I am sorry you are offened and all but really now??
That is your decision. No one is going to ban you for expressing disagreement with our sense of humor :)
I'm… Not certain why you're putting periods between all of your words. Anyway, that message wasn't my creation; one of the other developers put it in there ;)
i had a network bandwidth challenge,it was not typing a 'space and s' so i had to use the periods between letters
So, I'm guessing this is all resolved now?
I agree with Jonask this must stop. The devil is using you weak minded fools to believe in methology! There is only one God and one day he will punish all the sinfull people! We need more love and less hate! God bless everyone .
mythology* Again, this is a joke, right?
I know this was a year ago, but all that was stupid. I personally find the "Hermes would be proud" to be funny
Hello,After studying the Kemetic Civilisation i realised that Hermes is Toth/Tahuti,He is not Hellenistic but Kemetic,and as an African studying Hermeticism and Esoterisicm i find it very relevent and i'm proud of this usage,as it connects to my spirituality.Hotep...Ignorance is killed by gnosis
much better

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