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Introduction to Physics. First physics class is always crucial.. I always keep thinking what do i talk about in the first class.. Obviously introduction.. I usually start with how men got curious looking at the stars and the moon and they wanted to understand them.. and this curiosity led to development of science.. and slowly tell them about the things that they gonna learn in two years of physics.. I only tell them applications.. like i explain they would learn what keeps aeroplanes in the air, why ships float, what causes sonic boom, etc... using videos ...cont.

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You know such that it builds curiosity right from the first class and they get totally pumped up. But its just not enough.. so I thought i can explain a couple of day to day facts .. like why always the sun or the moon follow us.. how looking out into the sky is looking into the past .. and stuff.. Can any of you give me more ideas as to how could i improve my introduction.. usually i would take 1 hr.. for intro :D.. any ideas! ? :D
You might want to look for Prof Walter Lewin's lectures. He have very simple yet powerful experiments to show the beauty of physics.
yea.. but those are only once you get into the subject.. not on the first day :-/.. And his first class is quite different.. I teach a pre university level.. so I have to go a lil slow and from basic level.. and not much into details..

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Other answers:

  • tcy
All I do is tell them everything they use/do are physics.
  • tcy
takes 10 minutes because of class plans
relate it to computer programs, liek video games, that use physics
NotTim.. thats brilliant.. I have love games.. and i already know what games to talk about .. like angry birds :D.. thanks.. anything more people?.. i want some day to day physics topics which people take for granted.. and can be explained in layman terms.. just like the ones i have already mentioned in my post..
@tcy .. i know tat is right.. but just saying that.. will not convince them.. and everyone just does that.. we need to think from their perspective :).. they hear everyone saying that science is everywhere.. but they don't see it.. we as teachers need to show it to them

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