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If anybody took FLVS HOPE, I need help with the cardiovascular project. You have been selected as a health news correspondent for a famous news network. Every good news correspondent needs to have an understanding of the topic they are going to cover and the best way to deliver the information to the public. The lessons in this topic will provide you with the background information you will need to create your news report.

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Hey i have done that project watcha needs help with?

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Other answers:

@Falco276 Do u want help or not?
@dmezzullo I just need an idea.
@Falco276 lemme see wat i did
Topic: I will create a news report on the eating of yummy junk food, It is a very high risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Hook: Is there Lays potato chips in your Kitchen Pantry or even some Fried chicken in your fridge? The unhealthy fats in these everyday foods may be putting you and your family in danger of developing life threatening diseases. @Falco276 thats wat i did, theres an idea
ah i see. Okay I think i'll use that.
No, use a different one.
wait, do I also have to- like, write 3 different paragraphs for this assignment?
u interview 3 dif ppl of all ages and write down wat they said
is tht wat u mean?
wait- I think I did that already!
Ok, i belive thats what u do for the milestone 2, then u incorporate everything together for the projecto did tht help any?
awesome. I'll do that!
Ok, wait whos ur teacher?
Ron Brooks, I think you may not him.
Ya, i ain't heard of him.
Im actually homeschooled.
I am to, i do flvs i have paces an stuff at my church
oh, I see.

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