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The layer of the atmosphere that contains weather is the (1 point) stratosphere asthenosphere mesosphere troposphere 2. Which statement is false regarding the world’s oceans? (1 point) The Arctic Ocean is the smallest in comparison to other oceans. The Pacific Ocean is the largest in comparison to other oceans. The Atlantic Ocean is the baby of the five oceans in geologic age. The Southern Ocean surrounds the coast of Antarctica.

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    3. This divides our planet into the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. (1 point) Prime Meridan Equator Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Capricorn 4. Which statement is not a common scientific theory about the creation of the universe? (1 point) The universe formed 13.7 billion years ago. The process started with the collapse of a nebula. As the sun formed, the planets also formed from space dust and gaseous matter. Only the planets were formed by chunks of debris. 5. What is the middle layer of the earth? (1 point) the tectonic plate the crust the mantle the core 6. Which statement is not characteristic of one of Earth’s four spheres? (1 point) The geosphere contains water that surrounds the globe. The hydrosphere is partly composed of oceans. The biosphere supports human life. The atmosphere surrounds Earth. 7. Which of the following is not a major factor that impacts climate? (1 point) The amount of trees in a given location. The angle at which Earth is tilted. The elevation above sea level. The amount of precipitation in a given location. 8. Which of the following continents is completely separated from the other continents? (1 point) Europe Australia South America North America 9. Lines of longitude and latitude are measured in (1 point) miles. degrees. temperature. kilometers. 10. This layer of the atmosphere is known for having temperatures as low as -90ºC. (1 point) Mesosphere Thermosphere Ionosphere Exosphere

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    Yikes. Too many questions for me. Have you read the material? Anyhoo, I'll help with question 9. The lines of longitude and latitude are imaginary lines that stretch around the globe vertically and horizontally. They are not to represent distance, nor temperature. Knowing that, it crosses out three of our four options, so that should help.

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