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Announcing the second batch of 2013 Ambassadors!

OpenStudy Ambassadors
I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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poopsiedoodle Andriod09 energeia EvonHowell Ashleyisakitty SWAG Naveen klimenkov lexiaimee TheViper
A Hearty Congratulations to all!!

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Other answers:

congratulations everybody! (:
Congrats everyone!!!
great job!!!!!!!!!!!1
What do they do?
Great to be here serving as a Open Study Ambassador!
congrats, and no worries godorovg, there is always next time!
Hey new amby's congratulations
How many are there now?
Do all the amb's get the purple A next to their name?
When do they get placed by our names?
@rebeccaskell94 i think theyres like 20... Honestly, its pretty exciting when you first become one, but after that, you realize it's just a purple A
Ambassadors don't have any special powers but a purple A? Well I guess that beats a scarlet A. :P
Theyre technically supposed to welcome new users around the site and stuff..
lol oh... enjoy yourself as one of the prime elite. ;P
Uhh.. sure i will.
I'm sure you will. :) I'm just joking with you. Almost Jealous.
Dont need to be jealous haha..
Honestly, I was rather saddened when I did not make it in the first round. But this is great! :D
Oh wow, this is wonderful! woohoo!
Congratulations everyone ! :)
Yay! I think the new ambassadors are all great :3. Congratulations new ambassadors.
Congratulations guys :)
Congrats to all new ambassadors:)
Maybe You forgot to put my name there ? ahaha :v
Where is @Carniel?
Lol it wasn't exciting and it is *just* a purple A.
is there a third batch?
@AravindG Preetha said: "Rebecca, c'mon. Why does it suck for new Ambis? Here is the deal. We need to be sure that you are who you say you are (hence photo id). And we need your real name because we want to make sure you are who you say you are. Now you are a member of a team, and representing OpenStudy. Its big time. And opCode, I hope you will apply to become an Ambi. One of your fans has already recommended you!" So either there is one or you apply now for next year. Source:
fans ? :)
Glad to be server everyone!
Not to be pushy, but when do we get the purple (A) by our name?
Congrats all. From a former amby. Saifoo.khan
how exciting! congrats
congratulations everyone... :)
So officiall :) @saifoo.khan
lol #TeamKC ftw
heheh I see an imposter is trying to go against my team
TEAM KC WILL CRUSH KZ >:D But seriously, when are the moderator olympics going to happen?
I don't think you made it :<
What just happened^
>wants to become an ambassador >uses curse words
Carniel *has* been asking for over a year and he keeps being told he'll be added and the mods and admin aren't keeping their side of the deal. I'd be frustrated, too. I also suggest they add him like they SAID they would.
@Carniel did you put in an application for ambassadors?
@karatechopper He did. Back in the day When cavemen dug caves And the mountains sucked lava Back in the day. When dinosaurs wandered Around the land When the man dreamed Of free meals Oh, KC, oh. Where were you sleeping? It's been almost a year Since Carniel requested
What rhyme scheme would that be? T_T
when are they calling a new batch??
Well...we need to start training I would think about another 3 weeks at the least. but I am sure preetha will know more. @stgreen
What does training start? @karatechopper
Grats everyone :D
That's bc you're not an ambassador.
good job guys
@Karatechopper yes... I did another application around Jan 8th :\
@Carniel For ambassador!
Seriously doubt its gonna happen.... They can't ever keep true to what they say apparently.
Well @Carniel dont lose hopes , might be you get chance in the third batch of ambassadors
I'm not waiting for a third batch... Seems to me they just picking random ppl
Well , be positive friend. And of course not, they are picking the people ( ambassadors ) from the statements given by them and their performance basis as per my thinking... You just keep helping the needy ones and of course get help from here. Even you will not believe but most probably they monitor how you are helping students and responding to their problems. The mods and admins will recognise you soon :) Best of luck.
I mean seriously bro there is a guy with a SS of 15 and another 32 who made it with ease...
So it takes 2 years to recognize me o_O? Blues is the only person that actually notices me
Well when you told me this at a first glance I also thought of "random picking" BUT one thing we are forgetting that the statements and why do you want to be an ambassador matters a lot, oh! that is what I am guessing, I don't know the reality but friend really they can not do random picking :) as per my experience in this site they are not partial and are fair to all.
Doesn't seem that way...
There is something going in the minds of admins and moderators , I am currently thinking of a pattern like they are selecting some ambassadors first from 1-20 serial numbers and then so on... this is just my imagination but just wait for the third batch or any announcement or any comment here by admin or a mod.
I'm not gonna wait for a third batch... Everyone who was defending me thought I was gonna get the position, yet I didn't get anything. Even people who didn't reply thought I was gonna get it...
Well Carnie I still remember that you were also a candidate ( choice ) in the coming batch when i became amby, I was also shocked when you were not declared as an amby even in the first batch but still I request you to keep a hope at least a little one ?
1. Applied las year 2. Amby committee 3. Applied this year
coming one : 4 . Selected as amby.
0.000000001% chance .-.
^ This is enough in mathematics for a miracle... :)
Of me not getting Amby? I agree
Of you getting Amby?
Nah .-.
I respect the work done by the Announcing..
Hey great work @Preetha
valid phto id mean smthing else while submitting application for amby membership???????
A photo of yourself.
Where do we need to send in the photograph?
uhhh I think it's emailed to somewhere I forgot the address sorry
Great job every one
YAY! Happy to be joining the OpenStudy Ambassador Team Finally!!! Thank You @Preetha
Congrats everyone!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Congrats, ladies and gents. c:
What is an ambassador? Oh and congrats to anyone who got it.
@Zelda Firstly that's an awesome name you got :D Secondly here is the answer to your question:
@Opcode, thank you, I was going for link, but settled on Zelda :p, anyhow thanks.
Sooo, you think that ambys are chosen at random? Wrong, we look through every application and we nominate by looking to see if you have the characteristics we are looking for. Some people give a totally lame excuse for them needing to be an amby, therefore we cross them out and move on. Don't give up! @Carniel Keep trying!!
Yeah, what KC said.
No KC I don't think they're chosen at random and LONG before you were a mod Carniel was told he'd be made an ambassador. So if he was already "chosen" I think the mods need to keep their word and make him one. Damn he can have my A if he wants it. It doesn't make me feel any better or worse about myself.
@Carniel Don't give up bro, same thing happened to me, you will certainly make it! :)
@Swag @Karatechopper @rebeccaskell94 Whats the point of constantly trying when they said I was suppose to become one and yes I think you guys pick at random since I see ppl who just started in OS became Amby
@Carniel they dont really pick at random but more pick from what they see in the application but i do agree that they should pick more carefully and that they should have kept their word. i'm sorry you did not get picked. Trust me i know how it feels i think i have been waiting longer than you for this and they have been telling me foreverrrrrrrrrrrr that i would get picked but i NEVER did. After a year of waiting i finally made it. Don't worry bro you will make it.
Yeah, I think you'd be a good amby so don't stop trying. I'll do what I can to help ya out on it, because you deserve it.
@Carniel I believe that They do NOT pick at random they go through the applications 1 by 1 and read the reasons they applicant is applying and if they like what they see on the application then they put you on the list for Amby, if they don't like the reason or think that it is just some lame excuse they cross out your name but they Don't pick at random in my belief. @Carneil You will probably be in the 3rd batch of Amby this year. DON'T lose hope there is still time!
@Preetha Can explain the process of choosing an amby..
3rd batch is most likely a few months or 2 away and I'm not gonna w8 that long...
@carniel did you actually apply for the second batch? just wondering...
@poopsiedoodle No I just waited and expected to become Amby... (Srry for sarcasm) That's like me standing in line for food and there isn't any...
We look at your statement, your history, behavior patterns and ask the mods for their opinions. Mods have veto power!!! So if you want to be an Ambi, be nice, be nice and stay calm!!!
@Carneil You don't need to have that kind of attitude honestly just by the way you've been complaining and your sarcasm I wouldn't put you as an Amby just my opinion.
@carniel at the end of the day, ambassadors are just like regular users, and just have the purple A.. theres really nothing special about it, your extent of power is the same.
but it makes you feel better @zaynahf :P
Yeah, but that feeling lasts for like a few days.. until you realize theres nothing to it.
Thanx @Preetha & everyone who supported me :)

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