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Questions on about this "ambassadors business". First why would you want someone to provide a photo? "Please email a copy/scan/image/photo of your photo id to" Second why are our first and last names wanted? And who is this information available to? So pretty much I want to know this: Who is this information available to when we give it? And will you sell it to third parties?

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They never made me do that
Lucky you.
Lolol well have fun with that xD

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Other answers:

I'm not keen to release my personal info to "dem" strangers.
Who asked you that anyways
The form... You have to fill out.
I didnt have to fill out a form lol
Interesting... Yay! A moderator click my link :3 *cries*
He sure does type slow
It goes to the admins. Us normal moderators have some limited access to it. Basically why they want an ID (I think) is to make sure you aren't completely lying to everyone about who you are. Also, it's probably used as an age check to make sure you're at least 13.' @preetha could definitely answer this better than me however.
I kept erasing and re-typing. Sorry :/
Lol well still I never had to give a photo/name/fill out a form xD
Okay I'll wait till preetha answers more. (Too scared to tag a admin :O) But thanks :3 Seems legit.
Remember that you were given that position at the very beginning. As time went on, things got a bit more formalized.
Thanks for the explanation. (Change your avatar... It's staring into my soul :O)
sucks for the new ambys lol
Rebecca, c'mon. Why does it suck for new Ambis? Here is the deal. We need to be sure that you are who you say you are (hence photo id). And we need your real name because we want to make sure you are who you say you are. Now you are a member of a team, and representing OpenStudy. Its big time. And opCode, I hope you will apply to become an Ambi. One of your fans has already recommended you!
We should not question why they need it, they wouldn't ask us for one if there wasn't a good reason for it. Just my Opinion. :)
@Preetha Could you please answer "And will you sell it to third parties?". @EvonHowell , I'm just trying make sure if I do apply what would my personal information be used for. Let me explain: If you know a person's First and Last name you could Google them. With me it would result in my schools website and such. From there you could probably extract my address. Then you could drive to my house > Hide in the bushes > Jump out > Kidnap me > Kill me > Stuff my body in a Duffle Bag > Throw my body into a river.
I'm careful of my internet profile. Privacy is a big concern for me. The thing is, my school publishes there new's paper online. They do the 4.0 GPA lists. Thus with a simple search of my first and last name you could hunt me down :|
probably some vampire will follow you on that address>he'll bite you right under your neck>you'll become vampire too>you'll start biting people too>the people bitten by you will start biting others>until the whole world becomes vampires>NO STUDY,NO FUSS,just vampires here and there>no one uses open study>i'll not be able to comment here>COMPLETE DISASTER
Interesting, but I'm "The Dark Void Master" deemed by my friends :3. If you'd like to talk more PM me. I wouldn't like to keep spamming here :P
Its because many people have many accounts on the site, and some people try to send in their ambassador applications a numerous number of times causing them to have a better chance of become and amby. If we make the person provide their photo id, then we can obviously know it is only one person from that numerous accounts applying.

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