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Can someone help me by giving ideas on what I could include in my speech.. It says : Suppose you are a spokesperson in a convention or meeting of different religions in the world. How can you encourage and convince all the religions to unite in the same cause.

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you should talk about 'humanity' well as you can talk about the problems the world is facing, and the need of unity of all masses irrespective of religions to overcome those can talk about virtues which are common in every religion...
they all follow men and the laws of men and not the laws of God. They follows rituals bought down from generation to generation, and all are abominations to God. They demean each other and think they are true followers of God. They all have various ways of baptizing the ignorant who are to lazy to inquire of Gods ways by asking God himself. All their faiths are weak. For if they were strong, as the Disciples of old, they wouldn't follow any religion, but one and he is not a religion, Jesus Christ is the way. The narrow path that we are to follow, yet all religions make God hard to understand. Many are turned away because of their fear of God or disbelief. I fear God, but my fear is that I won't do him justice or live my life according to what he has planned for me. My fear keeps me free of the world of men, and there hypocritical interpretations of the scriptures. All churches interpret scriptures to fit the world they live in. The true interpretations are all concerning Gods world and not mans. The Prophets have prophesied that in the last days, their would be lots of false Prophets. The world is full of them.
You should talk about joining all faiths and beliefs for one ultimate cause that would unify our human race. Most religions are into doing good deeds and you could somehow incorporate this. You could say that each person would be honoring their religion/god, and displaying the good virtues of their faith. You could talk about lending a hand to aid the world/something about the simply humane duty.

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thank yoo good luck
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