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Ok, seriously we need to have a setting where people sign up where new users cannot log into the website so we can may try to dwinddle down the amount of spmmers, trolls, and the other meat heads that et on here to just destroy the website, there has been a bunch of people already that have started at it this morning and there needs to be a setting where u have to verify ur email before u can log in for the 1st time.... Is anybody with me, comment what u guys think.

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im with u even though i was one at some point
This was suggested by me once, and it didn't really bring excitement to the crowds. In fact it was spoken against. (+1) anyway.
y tho?

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Other answers:

They said something along these lines: "If new users receive problems with confirming email, they may opt out of registering in the first place which can be harmful in the long run."
im with ya bra
lol babe @chrisshort
its bruh
TBH, if you cant beat em join em.
The trolls, just play along, they are like children, they want to see you get mad. Ever heard the phrass: "Don't feed the trolls". You cannot give. WE MUST BAND TOGETHER!
Nope lol @DimDanny
I think you suggested something like not being able to chat until you reach 50 SS.
No, lol that was u
i thought @ParthKohli
Whoa o.o
I did, but you did too. I like your suggestions anyway. =)
Ok lol thanks. (;
BRUH lol
I am open to suggestions!!! Thanks dmezz and parth
Nay, just DMezz. :-)
Ok, all i have to say is we need a system where the new user cannot Officially log into openstudy until they have verified a legit email not like the spammers trolls and meat heads were doin earlier puttin in fake emails....
Cause it gets pretty annoying logging on in the mornin and have those people get on and jus start messing up chat trying to be "funny".
yeah it is @dmezzullo
Also, they can just put in emails like wruewity@fwefwefwffeffewf.fwefwfw, and it'll still accept it. ._.

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