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Help? Please and thank youu.[: Sofia has a 5.2% fixed rate 30-year mortgage in the amount of $350,000. The total cost of principal and interest is about $691,880. Which of the following is closest to Sofia’s monthly payment?

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There are 12 months in a year, so there are 12*30 = 360 months in 30 years So Sofia is making 360 equal payments (maybe the last payment will be slightly smaller than the rest)
so if she pays a total of $691,880 (ignoring the down payment), then we can say monthly payment = (Total Cost)/(Number of Payments)
tell me what you get for the monthly payment

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Other answers:

I got 1921.88
same here, well I got 1,921.88888888889 and that rounds to 1,921.89 but that's close enough
Okay thank you! Mind helping with a few more?(:
what's the question
Bob has a 30-year adjustable rate mortgage that has a rate of 2.8% for the first 3 years. The amount of the mortgage is $109,000. What is the monthly payment during this initial period?
There's a formula to calculate monthly payments, but it's easier to use a calculator
which one do you want to use?
ok let's use the calculator here's a good one if you type in 109000 in the first box, 30 in the box below that, then 2.8 in the box below that...then hit'll get your answer tell me what it gives you
oh when i mean "hit enter" i meant "hit calculate"
i'm getting the same
Okay. Emily obtains a $1,250,000 balloon mortgage for an investment property. The mortgage has terms of 30/5 at an interest rate of 3.5%. The monthly payment is $5,613.06. How much is the remaining balance after 5 years rounded to the nearest dollar?
let me look up what the 30/5 means real quick, one sec
hmm i think what the 30/5 means is that you pay the mortgage just as if it was a 30 year mortgage but at the end of 5 years, you would make a lump sum payment to pay off the remaining balance or refinance into some other type of mortgage that's what I'm reading here anyway
again, there's a formula to do this, but it's kinda a pain so that's why amortization calculators with amortization tables are very handy
remember that calculator link I sent you?
ok now type 1250000 in the first box 30 in the box below that and 3.5 in the box below that then hit "Show/Recalculate Amortization Table"
what that does is show you how much you've paid off for a given month and how much you have left on your balance at any given period of time
Alright, I got that part done.
if you scroll to Feb 2018, which is exactly 5 years from now, you'll see the remaining balance is 1,148,801.82 so this is how much left you still have to pay off
oh sry, i meant to say 1,121,213.41
and you would round this to the nearest dollar (like they instruct) to get 1,121,213
Alright thank you.

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