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Idea-sharing conference: You have to write an algorithm to detect the questions that might contain cheating. Post the concept of the algorithm you'd write; explain your answer with snippets of code if possible. What are some keywords you would include in the detection algorithm?

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If it lists point values or answer choices, there's a darn good chance it's copied from an online quiz.
How would you detect answer choices?
A. blah B. blah C. blah D. all of the above.

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Other answers:

most of such questions contain a snapshot pic uploaded directly from an online test/quiz
You guys are so smart!!! I love this discussion.
Thanks Preetha mam :)
How would you detect the stuff inside a snapshot? Don't we need to make something huge like Google Goggles for that?
Parth, I like to think that people who are dumb enough to cheat on their course work are not smart enough to evade sophisticated cheating detection algorithms. That said, I did not cheat on my course work. For my professional work I sometimes have to design image processing algorithms to get quantitative results from images taken with microscopes, and am quite good at using neural nets and various probabilistic methods to identify repeated or target patterns in an image. Handwriting recognition in images, particularly when the target pattern such as an A, B, C, D option list is known, is especially easy. If they start burying test questions using the draw tool, or in scanned and attached image files, we can deal with it. :)
What if they don't know of it?

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