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What was unique about the Napoleonic code, and what was its long-term impact on France and Europe?

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The original Napoleonic Code, or Code Napoléon (originally called the Code civil des francais, or civil code of the French), was the French civil code, established at the behest of Napoléon. It entered into force on March 21, 1804. The Napoleonic code was the first legal code to be established in a country with a civil legal system. It was based on Roman law, and followed Justinian's Corpus Juris Civilis in dividing civil law into: 1.personal status;; 3.acquisition of property. The Napoleonic Code properly said dealt only with civil law issues; other codes were also published dealing with criminal law and commercial law. Even though the Napoleonic Code was not the first, it was the most influential one. (For a list of early codes, see here). It was adopted in many countries that were occupied by French forces during the Napoleonic Wars and thus formed the basis of the private law systems also of Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and their former colonies. Other codes with some influence in their own right were the Swiss, German and Austrian ones, but even there some influence of the French code can be felt, as the Napoleonic Code is considered the first sucessful codification. Thus, the civil law systems of the countries of modern Europe, with the exception of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia, and the Scandinavian countries have, to different degrees, been influenced by the Napoleonic Code. The Code has thus been the most permanent legacy of Napoleon. Developing out of the various coutumes of France, notably the Coutume de Paris, this recodification process was commenced by Justinian in the Byzantine Empire with the establishment of codified Roman law. The development of the Code was a fundamental change in the nature of the civil law legal system. The development of these codes made the law much clearer: they were different in each country, and thus destroyed the superficial legal unity of Continental Europe which had existed in the Middle Ages................. Does this help? if bot dont know what to tell you...
Yeah, that helps a lot, but can you tell me the source you used?

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@zaynahf Here's the source:
... so it was basically copied and pasted. Awesome..
I'll come and help you soon :) Just let me finish up something.
Sure, thanks
You there? o_o
What was unique about the Napoleonic code, and what was its long-term impact on France and Europe? The Napoleonic code is best know as French civil code. The unique thing about the Napoleonic code is, it dealt only with civil law issues. Because of the Napoleonic Wars the Napoleonic code was present else were too. The Napoleonic code stopped people from having "birth rights", and allowed freedom of religion. The most standing part of the Napoleonic code is that government jobs should go to the most qualified not just to anyone. (Although this system did fail later on). The long-term impact on France and Europe? Peace and Prosperity, because of Napoleonic code the government and society got along for a while. One good example is Germany, because of the Napoleonic code Germany was well unified. @zaynahf If anything sound misplace do tell me. It's been awhile since I've reviewed Napoleonic war.
Thank you so much, that was exactly what i needed
Ha! No problem :)

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