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Can anyone please help me with this question? Find Y prime: Y=cos^-1(2x+5).

Differential Equations
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This is the equation: \[Y=\cos^{-1} (2x+5)\]
This is a new math to me and the homework is due tomorrow I m stuck with these problems!!
I got an answer but it looks weird

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Other answers:

where is ur answer?
what did you get? And next time, i recommend you go to the Calculus section, not the math.
its \[2x /\sqrt{1-4x+25}\]
oh so there wont be 2x anymore
yup correct ur error, u'll get used to the method by practicing
hmm ok
it's ok to make error because from them u learn, but don't get turned off because of errors and ur close in ur answer
ur not that far
ok i know that numerator will be 2 but under radical is that also wrong?
i m sorry i know i am asking too many stupid questions
no ask any qs u like there isn't a stupid question in maths
okyyy :)
ok let me surprise u
alright i m waiting for my surprise
can u solve the rest and tell me where did u make the mistake
alright i am
now ur final answer should be
\[\frac{ dy }{ dx }=\frac{ 1 }{ \sqrt{-x^2-5x-6} }\]
is the script clear because i am writing using a normal mouse
yeah thats fine
I m actually multiplying 2x by the power of 2 so its 4x and multipylinh 5 by the power of 2 so its giving me 25
by the way give me the other 2 equations so u try and i try to solve the problem
and this way we can save time
oh ok
but before I do that one more question just one last time can you please show me that how you got that answer on the numerator is 1 and denominator is different too.
just last time then after that I ll do my other 3
can u see the answer now
r u there?
yeah sorry i was focusing deeply to that answer
sorry one more question
how you got 5 under that radical?
yup go ahead
bcoz once you took 4 out then 10 doesnt come into table of 4
sorry its 20 not 10
but how we are getting 20?
because (2x+5)^2= 4x^2 + 20x +25
and 25-1=24
4x^2+20x+24, 4(x^2+5x+6)
oh GOD whats wrong with me seriously my brain really isnt working I m still stuck with this 20
I m trying to figure out that how we got 20 it looks like I forgot basic math too
u haven't ur just feeling tired i know u r clever
yeah no doubt I m tired I had a classes today from 8:45am to 7:05 pm
thanks though
what's ur major?
Information Science
ok good
ok but once you will cancel that 2 out from denominator of 4, arent you not suppose to get 2 in denominator?
not because its root4=2
remember we took the 4 out of the root
\[1/2\sqrt{-x ^2{}}-5x-6\]
yeah we did take the 4 out from the root but we are also canceling that 2 with 4 right?
so u can see when we took the 16 out of the root it became 4
no cancelling the 2 with root4
oh ok
again let me show u
alright sir I got it now thank you so much for your patience and big help :)
I really appreciated
ur welcome
by the way how does this smart score work
and kindly send me the other 3 questions
oh I never worked on that smart score thing sorry
oh ok I will share with you these questions
hehehe wow that is a long solution but not bad, with our method we can solve almost any question
\[Y=\sec ^{-1}(e ^{x2})\]
and one last question of this homework is: \[Y=arc \cot(\sec 5x ^{3})\]
that last function e^x^2 is how ur iphone works by the way
by the way i calculated all the answer in my head
lolz I dont have an iphone I carry that ordinary phones
now u really have some chain rules here u have to be accurate
hmm ok
seriously i m giving up now I cant do this anymore ;(
I m just so tired and again I have classes tomorrow frm 8:45 am and its all due tomorrow its already 12:22 am here
by the way u can use the tables
it would be faster
ok all the best
i will solve them for u
hmm I feel bad though but if you can I really appreciate it
its ok see u tomorrow
alright thank u soo much though for your help. :) take care bye.

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