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Share your thoughts about VIT university ! Is it worth the pay off? Does it have good placements ?

IIT study group
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Riviera 2013 - An International Sports & Cultural Carnival - Valedictory Function Chief Guest: Dr. Vikram Indian Film Actor Date & Time: 09-02-2013 Sat, 6:00 P.M. Venue: VIT Stadium

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Other answers:

well, VIT had the highest record of placements this, u know...its infrastrucutre...
what about standard of teaching and salary?,d.dmQ I saw this in .I dont know if it is a real experience.Long but worth a read
thanks a lot for that link @Krishnadas The VIT scandal oh damn.......
VIT i suggest is Not a Good College...
ofcourse, VIT is far beter than IIT, with strict rules and regulations they got the top number of placements than IIT's .....most of the professors are Ph.D holders with minimum of 3 research the grown field and development...once u pass out from VIT ur gonna earn more than 20-25 Lakh a month....that's just much for a fresh candidate like you...
wth ?? @Koikkara did u see the link krishndas posted ?
nope...well let me hav a look...y?
read it first will know
yeah,,,i have read it before in facebook....still, in case of placements...thay stay highest...n that was an old, at present...they got nothin like that...
y take a chance ..i am really confused if I should join there if i get selection ...
the fees is really high +all the negative comments
besides i heard annual packag3 is 4-5 lakhs only
well, iit too got one like...if u pay them 30lakhs u can join without entrance...., then?
i know well about iit as my cousin is at IIT Derahdun....
what abt VIT ?
@ash2326 is that story of VIT which Krishnadas posted true ? I am reallly confused
well, got frnds there too...accordin to them, VIT got new rules and regulations that they kept entrance and selected top 90's for admission, later when the seats were not full, they collected money and gave the seats...these leaked and came in newspapers creating dispute between toppers and richest....
well, that's just history....but i suggest iit...bcuz instead of payin them money, u can have money and knowledge from iit...
u got to have an percentage of 85% an above to join IISC bangalore, (90% n above) to all other IIT' of luck...
in boards?
yep, cbse and icse syllabus.....
well i heard IISC forms are out it mandatory that we should fill it now before the JEE list comes ?
well, i'm not sure about latest modes of i already left scul, b4 4 yrs and about to leave collg too.....well, i suggest u ask it in WWW.ASK.COM....provides latest information...
hmm..what college are u studing in ?
Noorul Islam Centre of Higher Education, under the world renoved and reputed university, Anna University, Chennai....
Does Anna university have separate entrance ?
the hostel and mess facilities in IISc Nearly 3000 students, including about 500 girls, are housed in various hostels on campus. Two hostels, each of capacity 600, have been built recently. Girl students are housed in single rooms in one of these hostels. UG boys in their first two years will be housed together in a single hostel and provided with single rooms. We currently have two messes that cater to the tastes of a variety of cuisines from different parts of India.
no, only AIEEE....well, all collg prefer IIT-JEE too....
iisc....posted from their diary...
Hmm ... so currently I have applied for JEE Main VITSAT VITEEE NEST and my state entrance is that enough ?
well, state entrance is of no use....wen u leavin ur state.....n rest is more than enough...>>
that link...hope help u much...
ya i am not interested in joining state colleges ..that is why i need to be clarified on info abt good colleges like VIT ,BITSAT IIT ETC
So u r currently in chennai ?
@AravindG I didn't have any such experience in VIT. It's strict but not that much. I'd suggest you to take Mechanical Engineering, if you plan to go there. Obviously it can't compete with the IITs or BITS. I've seen the life style there as well. But the post that krishna shared, I think that's frustration of some one

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