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PLEASE HELP ME!! Which is a reason that abstinence is a good idea for teenagers? A.) once you have sexual intercourse, you will keep exposing youself to risks of STIs and pregnancy B.) sexual activity is not appropriate for teens' bodies while they are undergoing development changes C.) abstinece allows you to wait until you are ready to face the responsibilities of sexual relations and child raising
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While i cant say this is exactly appropriate it for OpenStudy & this is not even close to being in a correct subject, I will help since it seems like it is for learning purposes. Honestly I would have to say ALL OF THE ABOVE! No matter what once you have intercourse you are always at risk of catching something or getting pregnant. Nothing can stop it, not even the use of condoms or birth control method. Also at such a young age our bodies are not developed fully for intercourse so it could cause harm to us. As for the last one well this is probably the biggest reason. YOU HAVE TO BE PREPARED! No one wants to get pregnant not being able to support the baby and afford the costs! Supporting a young one is not cheap therefore you should wait till you are ready!
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thank you and sorry i thought i was in the health section when i posted this

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