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yet another poem....

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Remove those blinders from your eyes Quit going through life like its a fun little ride Well your in for a BIG surprise When you fall, you're gonna fall to your OWN demise You think its all fun n' games Well no ones laughing! So wipe that smirk off your face 'Cause your not gonna pull one over on me No, not today Cause I'm not that naive And I wear my heart upon my sleeve And no ones gonna take advantage of me Yes you will see I'm not easily fooled So you better learn from me, before you get schooled I try to remain 'calm, cool, n' collected' But sometimes it seems as thought nothing but bad intentions are all that's reflected And I know when I'm being neglected It's got me affected But the struggles n' heartache is what makes us stronger Now I look out for me, myself, and I And I don't count you as a loss at all No I ain't gonna cry or bawl Cause I know the bigger they are, the HARDER they fall So forget you! Cause I'll be standing tall ^-^
I call this one: STRENGTH ;D
(poem/song continued....) You might be surprised that I have a little thing called strength Well I don't have to go in length To explain my proposition Cause if you were in my position you'd see it all crystal clear But since stepping down to my level is a fear Then continue with your pride Cause I'll stay strong and stride on by So I guess this is GOODBYE

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Other answers:

this is really good
really naive
thank you mikaela! :3
@itsmylife your saying i should have written I'm not "really" naive instead of "not" that naive??
all i meant is its kina different n standing outta the crowd it aint got same base this is what i meant n its nice
oh okay and thanks
evergirl is sexyas pellet
O.O Dope Sheet BranBran <3
;) itz cool
Oh Yesh Uber Cool
lol thanks xD hehe "uber" funny word XD
This is beautiful Elise :) <3
Gracias :)
Good job! (:(: Talented might I just say
Thanks Brittany :D
YOu're welcome! (:

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