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Hello :) So, I've decided that because of how ambassadors have been acting and the behaviors they continue to choose, I'd rather not be one. This last batch tends to gang up on other individuals (including new members) and try to act like they have more power than they really do by having a superiority complex and consistently being demeaning, and I'd rather not be included in this. So like, you can take the A and I'm quitting "Team" whatever. That doesn't act like a team. c: Thanks. It was fun until...well, until a couple weeks ago. :)

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There's way too many ambys anyway
But, you're right. They do that. It's stupid.
They're kind of pointless. When everyone is an amby it doesn't have much power. And beyond that, their attitudes and complexes just irritate me.

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Other answers:

When the first batch of ambys came out, it meant something and they did what they were supposed to. Now, everyone is becoming an amby, so what's the point? No one takes it seriously anymore.
Ash is the only actually helpful amby anyways
you are not naming names?
If you want names just look in the 2nd batch of 2013 or w.e Preetha posted it
aren't you a troll yourself?
Yeah I troll the fake people of OS but I dont try acting fake to become a mod or an amby like most of them
how noble of you
Oh, thank you! I'm flattered c:
hey, @rebeccaskell94 ! 1) you've been a wonderful Amby so far(and i am sure you'll be even better in future) :) i don't understand your reason behind wanting to quit. 2) if you feel inappropiate behavior of new ambys(like 'superiority complex and consistently being demeaning'), you try to talk to them/him/her first so that they could understand the essence of being amby. Thats how a team works! (is it too much to ask for?) 3) if such behavior still persist, then express your thoughts to head of team (admins). But i am a bit uncomfortable with you expressing this publicly :( Also, we would never want to loose a valueable member like you from our Ambassy team, so maybe reconsider your decision ? Thanks :)
Sadly Becca never changes her mind e.o
You quit because of other people ruined the Ambassador name? Let them be what they want to be. You shouldn't care about what anyone does. The letter A doesn't represent everyone. Actually all it does is show people that they can come to you an ask for help on how to use the site. Everyone can welcome a newcomer to OS. The A doesn't hold any power. And if people abuse it who cares? They abuse it so what? You just welcome the newcomer and go on your way. I've seen what you're talking about. But honestly if there a new ambassador you should just tell them what their doing is wrong. I think some of them don't see that. Also it would be such to see a good ambassador leave -.- (I honestly and a bit sleep deprived to re-read what I wrote. So if anything is offensive I'm sorry in advance :| ) td;lr Please don't quit. We all want you to stay!
@opcode Your response was amazing. You get my medal.
@opcode I feelt like saying the same thing, but you said it amazingly.
I'm sleep deprived. I think I may or may not have insulted someone or something.
@opcode I agree with you, why should she quit just because the other ambys are being stupid? I do, though, disagree with you were you said who cares, just the other ambys be. It's an on-going problem, and the Admins have to change the way there system works with this. Though I do not think this should effect becca, and why leave just because you other ambys are stupid? Try to work it out, fine, help the admins change this.... but why? don't quit, becca!!
@hartnn has it right. If you have issues with how other ambassadors are behaving, you should give us the opportunity to rectify it before posting publicly on the matter. If abuse reports for ambassadors aren't in your mind being attended to, please send us an email to with your concerns and some examples of places where they have “ganged up” on new users, as this is absolutely not the right thing to do regardless.
I haven't noticed this o-o
lose, not loose; thought you might like to know @hartnn
If you have an issue, as shadow says please pm an admin or a mod and have them deal with it. Amby's are choosen for certain reasons, and in no way, shape, or form, is this the "final" set of amby's. Amby's have ZERO power. As an Amby yourself you know this. Your job is to welcome users and help them out. If there is an issue with another amby report them, simple.
Lol when will you people learn she knows what an amby is suppose to be the point here is she dosnt wanna be one anymore smh
Lol besides this amby has been suspended for the past 4 days haha xD
I think you might be under illusion that you are important here
And who are you? Lol no just stop it dosnt really even matter haha
just a guy stating the obvious, which seems to be alluding you.
Who was the amby? :O
Becca you slow people lol -.- The person who wrote this (an amby) is suspended for about 3 more hours lol ;) me and her got suspended for the weekend lol
wait, why? o-o
Because its fun lolol
Lol yeah ;)

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