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Excuse me mods, but can you please ban this cuss?

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+1 this is awful. @JamesJ
She keeps cussing for no reason at people

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Other answers:

Give me an example of where she is swearing please
  • uri
lol she did to me tooo,i blocked her :3
I heard it in the chat that she was curing so I don't really know :\
also there is a user named :freakLovesitHard that has an an awful username and profile pic. She says slut.
  • uri
She is Pming people :fu ck you stupid little bi tch*
Where? I need to see it for myself.
  • uri
Thats what she is Pming people ^
open up the pm and then hit the prt scr button on the keyboard, copy it onto paint, then save it then upload it here Thanks
ahh ... I see
  • uri
I deleted it ofcourseee..
nikolel fu ck you stupid little bi tch 13 minutes ago
  • uri
Take a screenshot,brenna
this is what she said to me bi tch i just came on here to learn math ho e u have a problem quit su cking ur friends wingspan and u get a life bi tch
Thats deep
Nobody sent that kind of message to me, but I think it's an issue.
ok, that is enough examples, guys, thanks
welcome sorry but she put all those spaces
They Arent Very Nice...... I Was Very Polite Too!
Ok. Suspended. If you have issues in the future please don't create a post like this, but flag the offending material and if needed, message a moderator to help you.
yes sir.
she made a new account and called me a slut
nikoleisbackk f ucking slut
@JamesJ a little help here
the IP needs a ban. @TuringTest
Why am?
Wait nvm I thought you meant ban turning 0 - 0
so she wont be able to create new accounts.
No mods are here D:
@SWAG plz help she is back again
@JamesJ or @TuringTest Should be able to help you
I am messdagin her saying she ccan't scare me and to leave u guys alone O:
She keeps making new acc
ignore her
then she spammes my box
some one plz bann her already

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