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I'm a new student using MIT's OCW for 6.00 Intro Computer Science. I finished the first lecture problem set according to the instructions but seem stuck on where I go to submit it. I have searched the website using the search tool and even googled but end up right back at the same pdf I started with that simply says in the final step, "submit". Can anyone help me please?

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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u dont have to submit anything for that course since its a past years course. it's a self learner program. but if u need feedback on your work u can ask here and someone will surely help u.
register for the course in edx where you will be submiting your problem set and get results
yes, agree on what @mwas says.

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Other answers:

the course is called MITx 6.00x
Thanks @MicroBot, I was led to understand that this was a "Spring 2013" course when I registered and all that, only that I realised once the material was made available to me that it was older 2011,2008 etc... That is when I was inclined in that direction. Again tanks, for setting me straight. Just one other thing, if we don't submit stuff, then how are we tracked and will we get to sit exams/quizzes in a "strict timed/controlled environment" or are we simply going to be awarded a certificate (like a certificate of attendence) for say interacting here?
@mwas Thank you for your suggestion but I am already registered, I did so in mid January, and have (IMO) gone over all the documentation with a fine toothed comb. I couldn't seem to find the "submit" page or link anywhere
@khz me and @mwas talk about the same course tbh! yes its the spring 2013 course u need to do...its just before it was started u had the older courses as extra optional material.... now in this 6.00x course from week 2 u will have actual Problem Sets to submit ...u will submit them directly on the coursware tab.Remeber there will be a due date for each PS. plus in between of the videos u get some finger exercises to do.They are there to help u understand the material....the due date is at the end of the whole course but i suggest u do it while watching the videos.
Thanks @MicroBot, I have seen the error of my ways after retracing my steps right from registration. I did see the correct place you mentioned on the courseware tab. Now to catch up on my lessons for this week. I will close this question and give a medal to you for setting me straight.
ty @khz GL with the course

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