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And reached 99 smartscore on Febuary 14 .was it a coincidence ? :) Anyways happy valentine's day evryone ! @Opcode ^.^

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No >:(
woah! now you are one of the top users!! \(\huge \color{red}{\frak Congratulations!!}\ddot \smile\)

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Other answers:

Wow!! I'm so happy for you @AravindG. How exciting! Happy Valentines day!
I wasn't tagged for this?
@Opcode *hugs* Don't cry. You have been tagged.
Pssh. Opcode want @AravindG official tag in the main post ^_^.
*feels small* Well okay 8*(
Yay! Opcode is special now ^_^. Congrats AG! Good luck to 100 :3
thanks evryone !
I have a question... What's you secret? HOW DID YOU GET SO HIGH?? Do you study mathematics alot, or just..... answer alot?
Pshh....dont tell anyone ok ? my policy : provide help ....socialize with evryone..... be a good learner when the tree combine ;) but u must realize in the end
oops its *three not tree lols
I won't tell a soul... ATTENION EVERYONE @AravindG HAS GIVEN THE RECIPE FOR AWESOMENESS. Lol, congrats, I'm so happy for you I shall post no further. Oh, and thank you.
Congrads man, I remember the feeling I had when I got there.
:) the journey from 90 to 99 I knew I will be there Soon....
I wonder. How would you feel if you hit 100?
You would have to ask that to someone else. @satellite73
Congrats hun. ;) Happy Valentines Day (blows air kiss)
Congrats @AravindG
\[\Huge{\color{red}{ \mathbb{CongraTulationS} !}}\]
I saw one Openstudy member with smart score of a 100.
congratulations.... @AravindG :)
Congratulations and happy Valentine's Day!!~ :) (Though, it's a bit late..)
@AravindG \[\Huge\color{Blue}{\text{Congratulations :D}}\]
Also, I thought that 100 was the maxiumum. :P Never saw 100, until @satelite, right now... hhow does that work? is it even possible?? :P
Look at how many question he's completed... There's your answer... At first I thought he's a bot. Now I'm just -.- DA O.o?!
And- he's no a - mod? LIke WTH??? Like SERIUOSLY?
Congrats :D
why does @ash2326 have a square/rumbus as a smart score shape and everyone else has a circle?
Maybe he's a developer? I dunno o-o
oh, sounds legit :)
Well, keep in mind that I'm just guessing. I have no idea.
@some_someone it's because I've subscribed to Open Study
@ash2326 you could subscribe? How?
From the settings page: "Subscription Support the OpenStudy team by becoming a monthly subscriber. Here's what you get: Choose your own "title" that appears by your username in study groups. A diamond SmartScore indicator that signifies your sponsorship. Surf OpenStudy without external advertisements. You are not currently subscribed. Start a New Subscription ($10/month) " @some_someone
Oooh. And in a few weeks will be the 1 year anniversary of him having a 99SS :) :P

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