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can anyone please help me with this poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot

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whats yr question
1. The tone of this poem is (10 points) romantic longing. wistful joy. arrogant confidence. bitter remorse. weary resignation. 2. Prufrock was going to (10 points) visit a lady friend. have an affair. go to a funeral. go to the library. visit a lady friend and have an affair. 3. The opening epitaph of the poem in Italian suggests (10 points) Prufrock speaks because he is motivated to change his world. Prufrock speaks to chastise his society. Prufrock speaks because he is bubbling over with love. Prufrock speaks to cleanse his mind of his estranged love. Prufrock speaks because he is sure no one will hear him. 4. What kind of mood is created in lines 1–11? (10 points) one of romance one of vibrancy one of gloom one of both romance and vibrancy none of the above 5. The "yellow fog that rubs" suggests (10 points) a dirty window. a total lack of direction. something old and dirty. a lack of time. none of the above 6. All of the following are true of the poem except: (10 points) It utilizes allusions. It utilizes stream of consciousness. It utilizes the carpe diem philosophy. It utilizes refrains. It makes a commentary on modern society. 7. "I do not think they (mermaids) will sing to me" suggests (10 points) Prufrock is an archetypal representative. Prufrock will never have commitment or fulfillment. Prufrock will die at a young age. Prufrock realizes he has a sexual problem. both the second and fourth choices above 8. A theme of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is that (10 points) there is evidence of the disintegration of modern society. many individuals of modern society exhibit indecision to act. many individuals of modern society exhibit patience in acting at the right moment. both the first and second choices above both the second and third choices above 9. In lines 44 and 45, "Do I dare / Disturb the universe?" the universe refers to (10 points) his peers at the coffee house. all the world. his small social circle of middle-class acquaintances. the relationship he has with the woman he loves. both the third and fourth choices above Essay 10. Lines 111–119 allude to Shakespeare's Hamlet. Explain the allusion and the meaning it provides in Eliot's poem. (10 points)

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Other answers:

1 is romantic longing.
2 library
i hope im not doing yr homework rember this website is for help
no its not homework its practice so i can do the next poem by my self
alright so do u get wat im saying so far
yeah i read the poem just not so good at answering questions i allways get them wrong
are you sure about these?
1.a 2.c d a b c b c b
im sure
so 2 is not library
im srry it is iwas typing quick srrry

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