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Biology chat is getting on par with the music chat. We need a tool to close chats down for a specified time limit.

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You are right, I agree!
chats and the private messages, to me are the worst aspects of OpenStudy.
And the best, as some say.

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Other answers:

To me, they potentially are the best. :-)
im having a hard time seeing any benefits from them :/
an uber zen mode maybe :)
They are just ghosts unseen to us. :-)
have fun ;) i got classes for a few hours to attend
Where do you attend classes?
I think the chat groups have not proved useful as far as trolls and cheap talks are considered
I agree - we need better tools for managing the chats. Ability to suspend individual users from the chats, and ability to close individual chats to all users would be wonderful. I disagree about the messages, though. I really like them as the preferred way of chatting with my friends. As a gentler way of dealing with moderation issues, where previously I would have had to warn/suspend.
Hello there! I just saw this today, and I wanted to mention - I primarily use private messages as a way to get help. For example, a few days ago, I was trying to explain to a new user why we can't just give someone the answer, and why we have to guide them to it. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right, so I messaged a site mod (KingGeorge) and he reviewed what I was saying and helped me out. I also use private messages when it would be considered rude (or random) to post things on a regular question board. But I agree with all of you - the chats are really ineffective and are primarily used for trolling and gossip. You can barely see when people have posted a new question sometimes! OpenStudy is just that - an open study group. Not FaceBook. I hope you guys can do something about it soon; because my parents won't let my sister get help off of here! They think it's just another way to goof off.
@tafkas77 the best method I would suggest is click hide chat button on top and just use the site for learning ...that way u dont need to mind abt what kind of talks happen ...besides chats are used by some users to relax after answering many questions or by new users to get to know what to do when the y just log in .better moderation option is better than deleting the chat option
Cant we just suspend the wrongdoers in Bio Chat?
Yes That will be good
We need more mods! like me! >.<
I am here 24/7 and witness this when no one else does!
@Preetha , if suspensions were a viable way of dealing with it, then yes. But when we suspend say: irjezus, it is the account itself that is not accessible ... not the user. the user then creates a new account: izgod, that gets suspended the user then creates a new account: izallah, that gets suspended the user then creates a new account: izpumba, that gets suspended the user then .... ad nausea suspending accounts is a symbolic gesture at best that only deals with the account, and not the user of accounts.
.... hence the need for better mod tools to better deal with the users that are constantly bypassing moderator abilities.
@amistre64 Is there any way to prevent users from making new accounts with same IP address? I know that my friend got kicked off of a site, and every time he tried to make a new account, he got an error message rejecting his IP address. Because he had only one computer, and wasn't desperate enough to go to the library every day in order to access the site, he gave up. It would be a lot more difficult (not to mention annoying) for an OS code violator to create new accounts if he or she had to go to a new computer every time (s)he wanted to make a new account. Eventually, even if (s)he HAD multiple computers, if the person kept breaking the rules, they would exhaust their sources at SOME point. Although, I would HOPE that the violator would have learned their lesson before that could happen.
The issue with IP addresses is that this site does focus alot on school age children who may be using the schools library to access it. The IP address of a public place is the same for all users in that place. We would need a means of making it difficult for a particular user. I was thinking along the lines of sending a cookie that can be used to determine the condition of an account for a workstation.
Also, this site can be very laggy; which might be a good thing if there was a way to program a type of "limbo" that bad cookie users can be sent to.
Oh; okay , I get you. That WOULD be a good idea - a sort of detention center. No one wants to deal with lag. But I can kind of see where there would be some kinks to work out - however, it sounds like a great idea! It would be nearly impossible to spam if it takes a whole minute to type a single word! :)
We just need to get rid of all the chats, but one. Again I've said this a few times, but why have multiple chats if. 1. Users are in 5 chats talking to each other at the same time. 2. The chats aren't even used for their respective topics.... 3. Gives us more issues, as well as the users on this site... Which mod wants to do more work by modding 20 chats at once? :P
Also I agree with the cookie idea as I mentioned previously... Also even if we ip ban a library, the user themselves would have to explain to their school why no one can access OS.
I agree. Not that I know vast amounts about implementing IP bans, but there must be some better ways of short circuiting the suspend/resuspend cycle. Log IPs of suspended users, and perhaps automatically ban new accounts only coming out of that IP block? Wouldn't affect people already logged on or existing accounts at that that school, library or cafe. And possibly lift it automatically after an hour or two. What troll is going to hang around for two hours just to spam the same site again? Or give mods an IP ban ability. Or subtler, more selective mechanisms. A hellban, whereby suspended users see their own posts but no one else does, or a slow ban or an error ban where the site just gets slower/buggier to the point of being impossible to use as amistre suggests...
I personally think we need to do what is best for us, as a site We don't want to have to go through some crazy process just so little kids cannot spam our site. I think we should have an IP Ban timer, because lets face it, after 30 mins the person wont wait around.... and if they do.... bye :p Of coruse we don't tell them it';s 30 mins, just that they are ip banned, and they will think they are SOL and will leave :).
Agree 100%. :)
Time and time again chat is the biggest issue... This is the 4th mod issue with chat I've seen in 3 weeks.
You guys are absolutely right. I also really agree with making OS code violators accountable for their actions. It's sort of like when you are on a sports team, and you goof off. What does the coach do? He makes the whole team run laps. Then the offender is a bit more careful next time (I mean, who wants to face the wrath of your whole team?)! However, the issue is making sure that innocent people aren't being punished, and that is where the cookie idea really meshes well. The IP ban timer also sounds excellent. The main thing is making sure that this awesome site isn't compromised - either by violators or the things we'll end up having to do to prevent them. :/
Another thing for these Online Hs's that we can set up a system where CA or Connexus gives an OS to their students. If they mess up, they lose their account, and that way we, and the schools know who the users are(this also helps crack down on cheaters). In my HS we each had an ACC, that was monitored, and if we did something bad on the computers, we were banished, simple.
Now that's an interesting idea! It's true; CA users are actually some of our most frequent violators. Now, I go to CA, too, or a division of it, and we are given accounts with Khan Academy, as well as other sites like Study Island for AP courses. However, getting a relationship and tying down the legalities of those things will make it rater difficult. While it would be a good long-term idea, we need something effective now. My sister can't use OS *now*, you know?
Not sure what you meant by the second part? The sites are tied to your account, so that means the schools know who you are. As for cheating, cheating is against EVERY schools CoC and TOU. Cheating can result in expulsion at any time. This site is used so much for "cheating" for a lot of people who don't want to do their work. Since it's Online and we already work with the online HS'd with this site, I don't think it would be a big deal, and it would also not take miuch coding IMO. problem is, what about all of the users who already exist on OS? What about the users who DON"T goto online HS's? We cannot find every user; however even if a portion is monitored, that's a lot less work for everyone....
Also another fantastic idea that would eliminate soo much drama and issues was if you needed a certain SS to access chat. Like 25 or something...(Even though it seems like getting SS is easier these days).
hmm.... Yes, I agree with this to a certain extent, but like you said, SS is easily attained (at least for the first 40). However, would people feel excluded from certain things? While it would prove to be another incentive to improve your SS, there are newbies who use the cats to navigate the sites, and all sorts of things. Having a set SS might place limitations upon that. I mean, what if the set SS were 70. Well, right now, that eliminates me right there! And I don't abuse OS CoC, so, that kind of punishes me for no reason. Now if you could do that for only new OS users, that would be a little different, but like I said, new users use those chats too. I know I did; when I was new I hopped into the most active chat and @rebeccaskell94 who was a mod at the time helped me, and introduced me to people, and taught me how to work OS. So while the abuse of OS CoC is a HUGE problem, there's got to be SOME way where people won't be feeling cheated... :/ This is kind of a murky situation, but you have some good ideas.
ITT: I disagree with your opinions and call you silly. This is silly. Is this site a socialist workshop? No.
Who are you talking to? @compassionate, that was rude. How is this a "socialist workshop" when we make the rules, for you to follow. You use this site, that we provide. This isn't any different from any program you download, or any site you join. You abide by the rules, whether you read them, or agree with them, you have to follow them.
So wait, if you guys get the Internet Protocol (IP) Address, then why not trace it back to where it originates, and call the school/home/library (the place) and tell them? I'm pretty sure if its a school, the school administrators would know who's account relates to who. I would have to agree with @tafkas77 and @KonradZuse if you could put some kind of block for those with less than a SS of (as Konrad put it) 25, then that would force the newcomers to PM a moderator, or Ambassador to figure out how to work things, or we could PM them welcoming them, and explaining how to use the site. About the whole cheating thing, I myself have told multiple people to stop just working out the problems for the question asker. I was in one the other day, where I put out the equation and asked if it was right, then some other person comes in and just works out the problem for the question! I was like "What??" I personally think that cheating should be a(n) (at least) 24 hour suspension, and then block that IP address down to the computer using the cookie idea (by @amistre64 ) On the notes for the HS, I have found that most people who use this site are (mainly) home schooled, or use some kind of internet school. Where it would be CA, Conexxtions (however it's spelt), Complete Curriculum, or something like that. The chats are mainly used for the socializing from being home schooled, being home schooled my self, I vary rarely talk to anyone outside of my house and I know how it is, that's why whenever I am helping people out on this site, I am also sociallizing in the mathematics, Biology, and music chat.
i think cookie is an old term, and that they have something that is better suited these days. Suspensions that dont keep users suspended is rather pointless. Mods dont have an easy way to determine if a new account on the list is from a suspension or not. We have to hover the icon and click ip check to see if there are multiple accounts associated with a new username. That process sounds simple, but the way OS operates on a system can make it challanging. A hover over one user will most likely bring up a different users information; and if the screen scrolls you lose the hover and have to start over .... its a pian!!
if it was a little more bothersome to create new accounts, then the cost/benefit analysis of createing new accounts could be enhanced. but as is, a new account is just too simple to create
The worst part is when the site lags and you're sitting there for 20 mins waiting for the ip check button to appear.... As for cookies and such there are used, but there is also spyware and such, but that is pretty no no, when it comes to us being legit :p. Any 12 year old can make a new account and spam, it's too easy, and it's sad. is a "valid" email account since it has all the right "parts" ... and without the need for verifying the address before using the OS is pointless
yep, little spinning wheels waiting to get to the mod buttons
So wait, if it's that simple to create a new account, why not make it to where you have to validate the email account, like send an e-mail to that account, and if they don't sign in on a special link which will say that the email is valid, then they can't post, chat, pm, or fan anybody? That seems logical to be honest, I mean, that's probably the best thing to have done, in my opinion anyway
i agree. its the creation of new accounts that is the ultimate issue with suspensions.
That was suggested way too many times. I like it BTW.
Creating new e-mail IDs is easy, but lengthy, and may prevent a lot of spammers. Yes
creating new valid email addresses tho is quite simple enough to do as well. So it might not be that effective.
Android, we have tried, the admins need to approve of the email validations. Personally on most sites you can only have 1 acc anyways.
and yeah, honestly, who uses OS at the library :P
... i do :)
i got no internet at the house
It'd be very effective. We all know the feeling when we are too lazy to create new accounts
Well said @ParthKohli
lets do a test ... ill log out and create a new trial account starting: now
hi again
and im some old guy
Now make a new email ID and another new account.
i suspended my trial account for like 1000000000 hours
it takes me about 5 minutes for a new valid email
You'd still feel lazy, from a psychological point of view.
from a psychological point of view ... im sane, and have the paperwork to prove it ;)
lol....Was that a great idea ?
Oh My Aching Head!
Can I Help You @Preetha Madam ?
yeah, we prolly need to make a sign for that .... duck!
Around a year ago, my friend asked me to set up an FB account for him. I still haven't done it because I am too lazy to make an email ID.
i prolly should have given myself a medal while I was on my trial account ;)
Yeah,but you aren't[ the 12 year olds that like to spam this site, because their lives are non-existent :P. And no medal hounding >(
IF you'll allow can I Help You out ?
does it involve time travel?
im pretty sure if i go back to 1983 ill end up beating myself up :)
I think the main aim of this site to spread study, so can we not Allow ?
In my opinion "I think it's my turn to change the world..."
If only OS users had to get parental consent to use the site. Many sites have you provide parental information, such as their email addresses and their names. Then if there were repeat offenders, mods could go to the parents... -_- Unfortunately, there are a couple of ways to get around that. My sister used my email once to have an account on a website. Of course, I told our parents, but, not everyone is going to do that.
alot of us grownups dont feel the need to get our parents consent .....
True; adults (and near adults *ahem*) don't. But we're assuming that a bunch of students (such as CA) are the ones spamming the site and breaking the CoC. Home-schooled students are some OS's most active users.
we have to make the conditions more general since college students also use this site. Even tho the offenders are most likely under the age of ...3 maybe? .... we need to address the needs of the community of users as a whole
Very, very true. *Headdesk* It seems as though this problem is going around in circles. We're going around in circles... Being a mod must be so much responsibility! Even though this spamming thing is a huge problem, I really appreciate what you guys are able to do.
:) thnx
Hmm, not to look so critical: why does it take a while for mods to hit the "Ban" button?
Parth, youve used this site right?
@amistre64 You're welcome. And thank YOU! :)
I really appreciate what you do for us (!), but I still out of curiosity ask...
Wait... what's the ban button? Is that what mods use to suspend users?
Yes, from what I have observed.
OK, I think I have offended ya. Sorry :-(
Oh. Mods can't delete accounts, can they? I keep hearing about "suspending."
Yeah, they can't delete accounts. Even the admins can't!
Oh! 0_o Well, going back to KonradZuse's what if SS were harder to earn? And like he said, say SS had perks. At 40, OS users could be able to chat in other chat's. Maybe there could be a feedback chat for the new users so they can learn how to use the site, but once they started breaking the rules (after having been warned, of course) they can start losing SS points, as well as their rights to chat in other pods.
*KonradZuse's idea
That is another idea they have gone against. I don't know why
It's similar to the StackOverflow privileges

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