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I just sang to someone It felt awsome i wana do it again but i feel comfortable with people i know or gotten to know so if you my friend i might sing to you.. :) not so shy no more....almost finsihed poem

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Got love in my soul Hate in my eyes this world is so cold I cant wait to say my good byes I’ve made it to heaven I've sinned I admit I use to hang by seven eleven Cocky? Just a little bit Flirty? Comes naturally you can look but please don’t touch not my type? Leave me alone seriously cant have me? Pretty much got the the body of a goddess and a face like and angel I’m pretty but not the hottest I’m sweet but not special I’m shy but not easy I'm serious but not heartless don’t hurt me ill make it very clearly my true homies my fortress please excuse my hearts hardness been hurt to much my hearts in darkness emotions in a bunch 10 commandments? Don’t make a judgment 1.have no other god besides me-kept it real must not make for yourself an idol-so far I’m an angel 3.You shall not take the name of the lord your god in vain-got to be careful 4.Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy- forget it I’m shameful 5.Honor you mother and your father-why is it so hard? 6.Your must not murder-hands clean of others blood 7.You must not commit adultery-even cheating is hard 8.You must not steal-I might be wanted 9.You must not testify falsely against your neighbor- never 10.You must not covet-not a claimer there I told you what were my sins judge me see if I care Pretty sure Earth around the Sun it spins Not around you just making sure your aware ~~~ to be continued~~~~~..few more lines only like 4 more lol comment and medal if you like or just comment either works thank you
how about at thend you right. Not around you just making sure you aware That I let your mom eat my hair and I found out someone put nair in your shampoo and I really need to Poo Poo on your Shampoo Boo Boo. I cant find a reason to dump anymore. Its stuck in my inside like a dirty wh...0re. It wont come out and I think its infected but when Im with you I am errected with infection. Masterpiece.

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Other answers:

wow completely killled everything
Bahahahah Genius! (NOT) nice creativity tho :p
That was an amazing piece. Dont Trash It.
I didnt maybe you should write a seperate poem :P
xD Why was i put this @MattGibson
yea i agree with jenn write your own poem
Hahah lol :P
I thought Matt did pretty good xD
yea you thought only because you are into that perverted stuff and your a guy
True, but im normaly more of a deep guy .-.
i would love to see that guy...i dont like immaturity
.-. i really dont like being me when im around people
Well the "mature" me xD
Indeed Jenn777 ^_^
haha i have a kid in me but thats only when im super hyper haha so if you wana see my kid haha gimme candy haha im a kid but when it comes to poetry or drawing or school i dont mess around i take i seriously
When im with my "family" im serious and dont talk and just chill to Asking Alexandria, but when im out with friends im more like Danny off stage xD
same here with friends i do the craziest things no matter wats the risk
Oh i can top just about anything when it comes to dumb sheet xD
haha me i could care less wat happens i am just doing wat i think i should do no matter how stupide
xD Me too, well igtg ttyl ^_^
bye bye have crazy day
Well im back for now xD
yay exciting haha jk
xD ya... Till Luy gets here im stuck xD
haha wow
Then idk whats going down .-.
nun just trying to do a test but dont get nun n u?
Listen to Kells and fixing my board
haha kewl i guess
xD Yep for me thats the daily, well other things i cant say on here probaly xD
haha wow haha i just found another salamander in my pool but it died with the liquids my dad put in haha sad the first on lived but not this one
Well that escalated quickly.
.-. akward

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