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can you check my answers? 1. The primary reason for the formation of European alliances following World War II was to a.restore religious optimism in Cathoic Churches throughout Europe. b.prevent destruction and over-aggression by a European country on other European nations. c.maintain Germany's political power and influence following the collapse of the nazi regime.** my answer d.force Germany to pay reparations to all European countries damaged in the war. 2. The tension in Europe between the United States and Soviet Union following World War II was escalated with Cuba's involvement because a.Castro's relationship with Khrushchev appeared to be a threat to America's safety. b.Kennedy attempted to create alliances with Cuba in order to overthrow the Soviet Union.** my answer c.Kennedy ordered an invasion of the Soviet Union off the northern coast of Russia. d.Castro supported Khrushchev's efforts to secretly invade the United States off the Gulf Coast. 3. Which statement is true regarding the political division of Europe? a.Western European nations maintained democratic political systems. b.Eastern European nations maintained democratic political systems. c.Western European nations maintained communist political systems. d.All of Europe maintained democratic political systems following the collapse of Hitler's dictaorship. 5. What prompted the East German government to build the Berlin Wall? a.West Germans were entering East Germany to take advantage of free communist services. b.They were trying to prevent the American military from gaining access to its military installations. c.East Germans were moving to West Berlin in order to live in a democracy.**my answer d.The wall was a security measure to protect citizens in East Germany from crime in West Germany.

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