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i didnt know were to put this but i need to know.. helpp any animal experts please

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i just found another salamander in my pool but this one sadly died do to too much chlorine and the first one i found lived but was a bit bigger he does not have one front leg and one back leg..they both look small but the problem is how did they get into my pool i live in orange county not so near the ocean.. how did these little animals get in my pool...we just had a windy night can that be it.? i need answers ill post a pic or how it looks they are small about the size of my hand with its tail.( the picture with the hand going up is not mine but looks like it) (the one where its looks blurry thats my salamander he has small hands so small cant really tell how many lil toes he has)
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it prob just wondered by looking for water. they like moist and cool places

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Other answers:

but how did it get in my pool i live in a city and did it get blowin in or how?
it probably just jumped in or got to close to the edge and fell in
but we dont have salamanders around were i live
hmm thats interesting. sometimes they travel in search of water but i'm note sure
well thanks anyways
It could have easily come from a pond or puddle of water. Any water source pretty much.
Are you sure it's not a newt?
yes but it hasnt rained its been pretty dry over there theres been a cold wind and mornings...i cant tell the difference between a salamander and a newt
Okay, well if it's dry, then it was probably looking for some water. That's how it got into your pool. Read thru that site.
Salamander: Newt:
mine looks just like the salamander one but smaller
alexander is a good name for a salamander
she probably put it because it rhymes

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