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Evaluating expressions,

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Easiest problem ever, but I forgot how to do them, |dw:1361117139126:dw| Can someone show me step by step how to solve this or create a problem giving me an example? Thanks.!
\[1-\frac{ 694 }{ 896 }\] do you mean?
No, its P

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Other answers:

then p4 do you mean its power or 4 is multiplied?
like p4 or \[p^4\]
I have no idea... It just says 6P4,
Noo, its not that, I'll take a screenshot
ok... i am waiting for screenshot.
This is the problem,
1 Attachment
this is Permutation.
ohh..its permutation!
I also have this problem that includes a exclamation mark, |dw:1361117585779:dw| Do you know what its for?
& whats permutation? O_O I have never ever heard of that
\(!\) means a factorial.
\(n!= n(n-1)(n-2).......3.2.1\) when n is a whole number. like for example 5! = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120
answer is 1 it means that you need to expand 6 as 4 times and 8 as 6 times.
before getting to permutation, you should know what a factorial ! is .
OH.! so I had something like 10! I would have to do 10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1= etc..?
yes, thats correct.
6P4= 6*5*4*3 and 8P6= 8*7*6*5*4*3
yes you are correct.
do you want to know how to get that^ ?
I feel like I've done this stuff in 8th grade but had forgotten how to do some of this. These questions are for my pre-cal class & I found it odd that I had a probability question in there
\(\huge ^nP_r = \dfrac{n!}{(n-r)!}\)
So basically I had to do the factorial (!) to the 6P & 8P?
\(\huge ^nP_r = \dfrac{n!}{(n-r)!} \\\huge ^6P_4 = \dfrac{6!}{(2)!} \\ \huge 8P_6 = \dfrac{8!}{(2)!}\)
Everything on the left side of the = is confusing to me
in the formula of nPr ? its just a formula, so for 6P4, i plugged in n=6 and r=4 in the standard formula.
How would you know which ones to plug in? Because in one you have 6P4 & in the next 8P6, I don't get how you go to that?
n is before P , r is after P . in 6P4 , 6 is before P (so, n=6) and 4 is after P (so r=4) does this makes sense ?
Ah, it does now.! :-) Thanks you guys both for explaining this to me.!
Thank me when you get to correct answer.
What do you mean?
i meant to ask you, whether you could now figure out the answer of that question...
I do the factorial, 8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1, I thought?
& then divide my answer by 2?
thats for 8P2
Then I'm lost again,
i never said you are wrong. its just not the final answer.
Then I do the same with the 6
6P4 = 6*5*4*3 8P2= 8*7*6*5*4*3 Question asks, 1- 6P4/8P2 = 1- 6*5 / 8*7*6*5 = 1- 1/(8*7) ok ?
Ah, I wasnt paying attention to the 1,
Would I have to subtract the 1 from the 6 & start factoring 5?
no... first division operation is performed, so 6*5*4*3 will get cancelled from numerator and denominator, and what remains is just 1- 1/(8*7) which i've already shown.
Thats confusing
ok, clear till this : 6P4 = 6*5*4*3 8P2= 8*7*6*5*4*3
Got that...
now divide them 6P4/8P2 =.... ?
I got 0.0178 etc... Thats not right..
keep it in fractions..
I got 360 from 6*5*4*3 & 20160 from the factorial of 8.
How would I keep it in fractions?
you can also cancel out like this : |dw:1361120576575:dw| got that ?
Ah, got it.! I wasnt thinking about canceling out
ask if any more doubts.
What happened to the 4 & 2?
i just realized i mistyped 8P6 (and have written 8P2 instead) 4 and 2 where ?
The 4 after the P and the 2 after the other P
oh, we used the formula, right ? 6-4 = 2, so 2! in the denominator 8-6= 2, so 2! in the denominator
OH.! Ok I get it.!
1/56 wasnt correct, could it be 55/56 by any chance?
?? you forgot '1-...' again ? 1- 1/(7*8)= 1-1/56=(56-1)/56 = 55/56
*face palm* Thank you.
welcome ^_^

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