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A Poem I Wrote For Someone- Hold Me Together :D

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Hold Me Together <3 Even though i've got guys knocking at my heart The only loud knock I hear is yours. Love is deep, Love is wide, Love is strong, Love at first sight. Cherish my heart don't break it. Or else I wont be able to take it if you break it. Its the most valuable thing I posses. Trust me with yours for our love is shure. I am not a heartbreaker, Nor am I a faker. Im a heart lover, To love you is all this heart wants and longs to do. But I want to know if you truly love me too. I want to be the one to wipe your tears, In the midst of all your fears. To whisper sweetly in you ear I love you my dear. But theres times that my my mind is unclear Do you love me my dear? If so come here and lets share some cheer. When you hold me together everything else disappears . The sparkle in your eyes makes me lose my balance. Your tender smile kills mme every time I see you. This heart cant hold passion back When it tries it explodes even more. See what you do to me? theres absolutely not a day that goes by without me thinking of you. When you hurt I hurt too. Baby this is it were stuck like glue. If you ever ask me I will say I do. A man with a heart of gold is heart to find, Boy I cant take you outta ma mind. I wish you could be mine. Shine baby shine cuz u do dang fine. Herse the key to the doors of my heart, You are welcome to come in whenever youre ready. I know for sure they will fling wide, Hold my hand and lets glide. Love is a mystery and so are you, But no worries babe here i will be waiting for you, My love for you is beyond true, My love for you is indescribable and unconditional wish you knew, Baby we are the perfect two, Hold me together forever. Baby I love you <3
.-. :o xD :D :'( All the feeling i felt from this
Awww!! thanks :)

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Other answers:

No prob xD if you like really deep lyrics songs then check out Pierce The Veil
Words cant even describe how gud dis is, i got a warm feeling reading dis
Awww!! I love you Beautiful people <3 (especially someone XD)
:o i have no clue xD
I love it haahaa
Thanks @joannaxox3 :)
np haha i think you be better than me haha
What a Fantastic Poem.
What the crap goformit lmao kbtw thanks :)
lol it was the first two words of your post above
Omg Jenn this poem is really amazing just like youu, you did a GREAT job on this (: <3
haha wow dont you love how brads no honest
Thankyou Brad all form the heart :) Youre sweet :)
@joannaxox3 Hahahahah :p not honest? whuh?
sry meant to say "so honest"
Ahah oh lol :)
yep haha he has a sexii voice and sik music
Haha you should tellem that lmao :P

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