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@allambassadors My name is Shania and although I am only 15 turning 16, I feel that I would be a great addition to the ambassadors that you have already. Why may you ask? People say that I am a kind hearted person and can relate to almost everyone. I am on here all day long while I do school work and I follow COC. I have been monitoring questions and the mathematics chat pod, I stop fights and report people who use vulgar language and try to keep OS friendly and safe. My friends on here and my Amby friends can all agree with that. So, what do you say? #Shania0703forAmby?

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@shania073 Well, apply for the position we thank you for "stating your case" I respect that. BUT you say that some people say your "kind hearted person" and can "relate to almost everyone" if this is True let them speak their mind about you here in the comments (I am not doubting but can we take your word for it? Maybe.. Maybe not..) Let those people speak on your behalf.. Goodluck! Ambassador @EvonHowell
I had another post in here where all my friends and some abys posted
@shania0703 Well, if you could find that post and post the link to that post in the comments here that would be helpful but if not let the people speak on your behalf. :) Ambassador @EvonHowell

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Other answers:

(Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply!!)
yah, cuz youre so sweet and adorable and love to help people and ur the type that people would ask for help and youre an amazing friend- so yeah on my part
THANKS! @GraceJaylene I couldnt find it.
Also @EvonHowell I applied a couple days ago.
no problem @shania0703 you deserve to be an amby, because you keep us from killing eachother :P so anything to help
Haha, thats true lol. Remember when @Koikkara was being bullied through his messages and I got it to stop. :) Yeah, I rock. Haha jk I am not full of myself at all.
i agree with @GraceJaylene her!!
well Best wishes for U....bcuz wen u r One...i will not be here....
Well @shania0703 like I said in your last post I wish you the best of luck, but if you want to become an ambassador, you will not be getting it by spamming the same post twice and tagging all your friends so they can write how nice you are. You have to show how hard you work around the community at all times. I suggest at least getting your smart score up to 60 and helping a few more people since you have only answered 67 questions. Good Luck :)
^^ She now has an SS of 60 LOL

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