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If you are 16 years old, what is 65% of your target heart rate? A. 122 B. 133 C. 139 D. 204

Health Sciences
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Not sure :O Formula: 220-[Age]= x 65% training intensity = 190 x .x = ? beats per minute 90% training intensity = 190 x .x = ? beats per minute

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Other answers:

I think that's the formula... Lemme Google it.
Oops did it wrong. 65% training intensity = "X" x .65 = ? beats per minute 90% training intensity = "X" x .90 = ? beats per minute
So it's: 132.6 beats per minute Honestly mine is around 180 O.o
So let's say you're 15 years old. Your MAXIMUM heart rate would be 220 - 15, which is 205. To find 65% of 205, you would do 0.65 times 205, which is 133.25
Oh sorry, I forget that the question already gave us an age: 16. So, we would have 220 - 16, which is 204. And 204 times 0.65 would be 132.6, right.
thx can i get help on a couple more i did them bt got them wrong
Which of the following is likely to cause shin splints? A. Starting too fast B. Tapping toes C. Walking uphill D. Wearing tight shoes Select all that apply
Check this: So A and D.
I honestly don't know the entire answer. You know where your shin is, right? It's your lower leg, from the knee to the ankle. "Shin splints" happen when the tissue that connects our muscles to our shin bones becomes overworked, and damaged. This usually happens when we increase the intensity of our exercise too quickly. So, A is one of our answers.
Which of the following has the same meaning as "incentive"? A. Discouragement B. Encouragement C. Unwillingness D. Willingness
Incentive mean motivation to do something. So I would say B. Encouragement makes the most sense.
At which point in the heart rate zone should you aim to work during a warm up? A. 50% B. 60% C. 70% D. 80%
Look at the chart: A. 50%
Which of the following is the correct way to use compression when treating an injury? A. Apply firm but not tight pressure B. Apply pressure until injured area throbs C. Lay down D. Sit upright
It's A. Never use to much pressure. As well as if you feel throbbing. That's NOT a good sign.
Which of the following is the ability of a body muscle or group of muscles to sustain repeated movements for an extended time? A. Aerobic capacity B. Muscular endurance C. Muscular flexibility D. Muscular strength
B. Muscular endurance
Which of the following is characteristic of cross training? A. Conditions a variety of muscle groups B. Conditions one muscle group C. Consecutive high-impact activity days D. Recovery from high-impact activity days Select all that apply
A. Conditions a variety of muscle groups
thx tht it for now

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