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#1: The average velocities of gas molecules in cylinders A, B, C, and D are 20 m/s, 50 m/s, 60 m/s, and 100 m/s, respectively. The volume of each cylinder is the same, and each has the same number of moles of gas. Which cylinder is the hottest? A,B,C or D? **my answer: D is that right? @aaronq :)

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yep, average kinetic energy = temperature
#2: You have 0.5 L of air at a pressure of 203 kPa and 70°C in a rigid, sealed container. What is the absolute temperature of the air? A. - 70 K B. 70 K C. 203 K D. 273 K **my answer: C is that right?
awesome! so #1 is right? it's D?

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Other answers:

#3: At which of the following temperatures is the average kinetic energy of the molecules in one liter of nitrogen gas greatest? A. 40°C B. 273 K C. 310 K D. 60°C **my answer: B. 273 K is that right?? I'm not too entirely sure tho :/
what do they mean by absolute temperature? because it doesn't seem like the mean the kelvin scale
i honestly don't know!! Hahha it just says absolute temperature....i think it means kelvin tho.. idk :/
#4: At 52°C, the pressure inside a gas-filled container is 467 kPa. What is the absolute temperature of the gas? A. 163 K B. 325 K C. 335 K D. 651 K **my answer: B. 325 K
#3 is asking which temp is the highest
i think they mean kelvin cuz in chem they refer to it as abs. temp a lot.. and kelvin appears A LOTT in my lessons :/
oh so would #3 be D. 60°C??
no well i know that kelvin is the absolute temp scale :P
#5: choose the statement that is true at room temperature if both systems are at the same pressure and volume according to the pic attached!
A. The temperature of the system in curve A is greater than the temperature of the system in curve B. B. The temperature of the system in curve B is greater than the temperature of the system in curve A. C. The temperature of the system in curve A is equal to the temperature of the system in curve B. ***my answer: A is that right?
i think they want it scaled in regards to pressure...
yep 3 is C
4 is right, but 2 still doesn't make sense, none of the options are correct..
wait so #3 is C. 310 K ??? and yay for 4! and aww :( idk then.. what do u think about #2 then? and was 1 correct?
5 is incorrect.. you're getting mixed up with the graph by it just being taller. Look at the axes. you know that speed is proportional to temperature, i.e. the faster the molecules the greater the temp
so the answer for 5 is B ten?
*then lol
sorry i meant 3 is D, 333 Klvin
1 was good
okay! :)
for 2, i honestly don't know, none of the choices given make any sense
ohh :( okay... what would u go with as ur guess tho?? for #2? and what was 5 then? was it B?
um for 2, i honestly can't say one is more right then the other haha sorry :( for 5, maybe, why do you think so?
okay haha ill have to wing #2 :P and 5 i think cuz A drops REALLYYY fast right? but B is constant and the curve elongates more... am i right?? is the answer B?
um it's B, not those aren't reasons :P basically, because B is farther right on the "speed" axis, that tells you that it has higher kinetic energy and therefore higher temperature, ta-da
hahah i seee :) lol and i liked the ta-da thing at the end :P
the elongation part if just the distribution of speed of the molecules, more narrow bands have smaller distributions (particles are only within a small temperature range e.g. 20-30 degrees) longer distributions (like B) say that the range of temp of the particles is large, e.g. 10-60 degrees
hahaha woo :) sometimes it's like magic, chemistry
ohh okay haha thanks sooooo muchh!!!! :) u da besttt :) u rock and you rule!! :) haha and i know its like magic!
LOL that picture is awesome!... but corny thanks! see ya
haha definitely! see ya!! Thanks again :)

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