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(1) There was no reason to expect anything but the worst, for Edward had a mountainous body, dense, slow, and awkward. In Sentence 1, the word mountainous is given a certain connotation by the other adjectives in the sentence. Which of the following words would give mountainous a different connotation? A. portly B. craggy C. rotund D. impressive

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what do you think? btw could you please look to see if you can help me too?
idk and i have not red the one you have

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Other answers:

oh okay:p .... Well do you know that at least one of them isnt it because i dont want to just give you the answer
i had like 15 and i did not know like 5
okay but so do you know which one it isnt?
would it be B
Hi there! Is everything good? Do you need any more assistance or are you completely lost?
i dont think it is B
i am completely lost
Okay. The question is asking you to find the "connotation" oh mountain in this sentence, right? Do you understand connotation or no?
um kinda
A connotation is a commonly understood subjective cultural or emotional association that some word or phrase carries, in addition to the word's or phrase's explicit or literal meaning, which is its denotation. A connotation is frequently described as either positive or negative, with regards to its pleasing or displeasing emotional connection. For example, a stubborn person may be described as being either strong-willed or pig-headed; although these have the same literal meaning (stubborn), strong-willed connotes admiration for the level of someone's will (a positive connotation), while pig-headed connotes frustration in dealing with someone (a negative connotation). i used wikipedia
Good. :) So the connotation of "mountain" in this sentence is negative. The adjectives make it negative; making Edward's body seem "dense, slow, and awkward." This is not a good thing! Negative connotation! :) Do you understand this a little more now?
Do you perhaps want to know what those other words mean, like "rotund"?
it means plump
And so does portly :)
which is negative
^^ Definitely :) Not good.
And craggy just means rough.
Are you getting this Somebodys_heartbrake
which is also negative sorta and impressive is positive soooo the anwser would be what Somebodys
@somebodys_heartbrake You there? :)
i am confused
Oh, okay, hee hee. OKay, so you're looking for the answer that is NOT a negative connotation. We gave you the definitions for the other words.
okay so the first 3 words have a negative vibe to them because you wouldnt want to be called plump ( which A and C are doing)and then you wouldnt want to be called rough ( which B is saying) so those are negative and D is a positive thing becasue its calling something impressive
If you looked up connotation which i did and its up there then you will understand the question just think about it for a second and you will hopefully understand the question:)
so it would be D
erfect. Great job! :D

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