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Question about regions...?

Language and Culture
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This region experiences sporadic summer precipitation. tropical grasslands tropical rain forest savanna region steppe region I answered D, but I'm not sure
y not sure?
This should be in Geography. Anyhoo, I noticed you posted the same question on Yahoo! Answers, and you'll probably get just the answer there without guidance.

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No one's answering me, so I thought I'd get a better answer here! Please help?
well, yahoo got no answer....
Please help?
Thanks anyways, Trashman the stalker.
Not a stalker.
I am a robot. Beep boop.
Refer Book:Foundation of Geology By S. B. Bhagwat or
A. Tropical Rainforest 1. selva: tropical rainforest 2. distribution of this biome close related to Af and Am climate: consistent rainfall and relatively high temperatures 3. most complex and greatest species diversity of all terrestrial ecosystems a. characteristic flora: 1) tall, high-crowned, broadleaf, evergreen trees 2) layered structure with complete canopy 3) sparse undergrowth (due to lack of light) except where there are openings such as along rivers where you find jungles 4) epiphytes, vines and lianas hang from trees b. other ecosystem characteristics: 1) heavy shade, high humidity, windless air, continuous warmth 2) plant litter decomposes quickly 3) infertile soil; concentration of nutrients in vegetation rather than soil c. characteristic fauna: 1) largely arboreal – principal food sources in canopy 2) large animals scarce 3) vast numbers invertebrates B. Tropical Deciduous Forest 1. locational correlation with specific climatic type is irregular and fragmented; many in transition zone between Af and Aw climates 2. comparison with the selva: a. less dense canopy, shorter trees, fewer layers b. many trees shed leaves during dry season c. classic jungle conditions d. faunal assemblage similar to rainforest C. Tropical Scrub 1. widespread in the tropics and subtropics in drier portions of the Aw climate and in some areas of BSh climates 2. less species diversity than the selva and tropical deciduous forest biomes 3. dominated by low-growing, scraggly trees and tall bushes, some thorny 4. extensive grassy understory D. Tropical Savanna 1. correlation with Aw (savanna climate) in regions where seasonal rainfall contrasts are greatest a. associated with the annual shifting of the ITCZ 2. characteristic flora a. savanna: dominated by tall grasses without trees b. parkland/park savanna: dominated by tall grasses with sprinkling of trees and shrubs c. much of savanna created by human interference: fires and grazing of domestic animals d. very pronounced seasonal rhythm 1) wet season: grasses grow tall and luxuriant 2) dry season: above ground portion of grasses die and many trees and shrubs shed their leaves 3) wildfire season: natural burning every year that stimulates the ecosystem

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