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Writing a book. I need thoughts on the prologue. Any takers ?
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BANG! I ducked just in time to see my my sister, Angel, fly past me into the cream colored wall. With a face full of pain and agony, her distorted body flops to the floor and lies there in a puddle of her own blood. I look up to see the terrible creature. It was almost the size of the room. Which would explain the torn-in-half doorway. I stared into its blue eyes. They looked almost human. Its mouth agape in a loud howl of greif. I let out sharp cry as it ran past me on unusually light footsteps. As it ran past, it had a slight limp. A very deep cut had been placed on its left leg. I cradle my sister in my arms and think to myself, "How will I explain to this mother ?" A thought flashed in my mind. I lay her down with a silent tears falling down my cheek. I place one last kiss upon her forehead and ran into the kitchen, checked the time 3:03am and darted to my mothers room. I stare at the doorknob and wonder whats on the other side. I reach for the doorknob. My heart skips a beat. My hand finally grabs the metallic silver knob, and slowly turns....
  • anonymous
wow that's really good!

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