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Another day of OpenStudy Spammers doing what they do best & No one around to do anything about it :( We really need more moderators to be made, people who are actually around ALL DAY, Like me. The Bio chat is beyond inappropriate with racism and what not and Music is always talking about sexual things and Math is always full of spammers. These things are going on now as i write, in 3 different area's.

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Thats happened more than once bro

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Other answers:

My point exactly.
But at least the mods took care of it kinda fast
how so?
Took 2 hours for spammers to stop spamming chats and bio chat mostly
I'll admit it the bio chat yesterday afternoon was terrible and the mods did nothing
Hey @SWAG I get your frustration, but insinuating that the mods aren't really doing their job efficiently isn't the best way to get in with them. If you want to be a site mod, that's great! But don't shoot yourself in the foot by implying that the site mods can't do their job right without you. That's the best way to annoy them enough to disregard you as a potential moderator. :( They are trying to figure out what to do about this, but there are a lot of technical problems that need to be evaluated first. @dmezzullo is right! Please just try to calm down, and I'm sure things will work out in the end. People are going to do what they're gong to do, regardless of the repercussions. I admire your passion for this, but you have to just relax a LITTLE. :) Are you going to ask me to delete my posts, too?
LOL ^^
It's going to be all good man, I'm sure things will work out for you! :)
I understand where you are coming from but I have been here for way over a year and these issues have not even slightly changed. So "patience" is not an option anymore. & I was not insinuating that they are doing a horrible job, I was insinuating that since they have their own lives to attend to not many of them are around, so they should make users like me or other respected users that are on more frequently, Moderators.
& I asked him to delete his posts because he posts to much lol
:) Okay, I see what you mean. Well, like I said before, I think things will work out for you if you chill *just* a little. Racism and spamming (especially racist spamming) is just unacceptable, no matter how long you're seeing it. But things are being tested and thought up to help rid OS of it. Because of your passion for this, I personally think you'd me a good mod, myself. :)
Thank's man. I hope you'r right.
I agree with everything you say @SWAG
@SWAG I'm a girl -_- lol it's not your fault. I have a picture of a male rock-star as my avatar. :)
Lol I'm so sorry :o
Ha ha it's okay! :D It's what I get for using Prince as a profile pic lol
Swag I have to agree with the sentiment here. Getting upset and impatient is not a mod attribute. I like tafka's chill take on this. And I love all my mods and will not see them dismissed. There are more trolls now because we have grown rapidly. But finding and cultivating a good mod takes more time.
What I hate the most is people that have curse words in their name. I reported a guy and he just made another account. There should be some filter for that. Also recently I have been seeing a lot of people making fun of pics and calling names.
I don't understand why someone would want to spam a study website !
Do not feed the trolls. If they are in chat, chill and wait for the purples. If they are in questions, just open them and click on report abuse.
Hi @Preetha. Yes I agree as well. @tafkas77 post made me realize the importance of being chill and patient about this.
I hope in the end of my patience I will one day get the roll of Moderator, Many people think I deserve it.

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