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Hi fellow OCW students, Here is my code. For some reasons, it got stuck in infinite circles with 'while' loop; not being able to move on to the 'for' loop. I'm having hard time finding why.

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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i believe it's this : you say that your Fblance is the Oblance (outstanding balance on your credit card) and u need while loop to stop when it has found the ideal solution...that is when balance is 0 or less. (if i remember right the assignment request). so NOW your while loop will stop only if balance is [-1,1] . And if it gets lower than -1 it will still run..... hope it helps!:)
put a print statement in the while loop to help you see where the problem is - kinda like this:
Not sure if you still need this. I used your posted code to help me get started, and I just finished. My loop is a little different from yours, but here is the logic I used: You already know how to find your upperbound, lowerbound, and first guess. After that, this was my logic: 1) if remaining balance after 12 months is too high, raise your payment. 2) if remaining balance after 12 months is too low, lower your payment. 3) if remaining balance after 12 months is correct, then stop. To raise your payment, set payment = (payment+upperbound)/2. REMEMBER to also set your new lowerbound to equal your old payment. Actually, it's easier to do it in reverse order. Set lowerbound = payment, then raise payment. To lower payment, do the opposite. To recognize when you are done, basically since you are going in 1 cent increments and everything has to be the same, you could overpay by up to 11 cents. So, that is your range -11 to 0 for being done. I think that's right. I got the same answers as the professor within 2 cents, which I think is probably rounding and I'm not worried about it. The only other thing, which I did not bother allowing for, is what if you pay off in less than 12 months? This can only happen if you start out owing 12 cents or less, so I don't really care about this case, but if you do, you could set up a special if then loop just for this case. If you want, I can post code.

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Thanks guys! I figured it out!
please can anyone post the code of Problem set2 i'm doing this assignmnet since 5 hours but i,m getting so many errors in my code. please can anyone post the code here?
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I want a code for problem set 2 of PROBLEM 1: PAYING THE MINIMUM please can you post the code.
Here is my code: Hope it helps!
did you complete your all assignment parts? please help me out i need help?
if we are checking are code on our dashboard on every submission it will deduct there marks or its just for correction?
please can anyone tell me that in code how to subtract the payment and add the interest for each month ? in paying the minimum assignment. please help
I have already wrote the program my output is also coming but the problem is in my output is that they giving all the same min-monthly-payment , remaining amount, is coming same for all months. what is wrong in code? please help me.

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