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hi.when I've built a do integrate it with the internet?

Computer Science
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i think u'll need to have a server
  • s3a
... such as the Apache HTTP server. I'd help you more, but I don't know more than this for now.
  • s3a
(The Apache HTTP server is software that you can download.)

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Other answers:

  • s3a
If you're using Windows, you could get this download ( ) which has everything well integrated from the start.
u'll need a sever for clouding
Any database will need to be kept away from the Internet. The data is too valuable to put directly on such a dangerous network. That said, in order for a database to drive a website, the website being exposed to the Internet, a webserver, CGI programs and possibly other components will be needed. 63% of the web pages served on the Internet are served by webservers running Apache webserver. It can be downloaded from . CGI programs that can decode variables passed in, VALIDATE their values and query the database aren't that hard to write. They're largely concatenating SQL queries. Which programming language/framework is best for doing this is the subject of many religious wars. This is enough for a fairly sophisticated database driven website. Super sophisticated, super high volume sites would have other middleware components.
@beketso: can you elaborate the exact requirement, so that I can provide some exact/relevant input
First of all know you need server whether it will be "Apcahe" or "IIS" is your choice. You also need to download there server on or I think you should perfer for "Apcahe" due to large access of the apache server.
If you use IIS, then in the web.config file write a connection string as follows
Are the apache downloads costly or free?
  • s3a
Apache is free in terms of money and software freedom. Software freedom is having the code available and being allowed (by law) to modify it and do (almost) whatever you want with it.
php-mysql-apache use this .. it's 100% free and php is quite very easy language
thank u all.u have been veri helpful
  • s3a
No problem.

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