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My smartscore is stuck on 66 Now I dunno shouldn't make a big deal out of it.. But seriously its just stuck.. I answer questions, I help.. i get medals.. but its still just stuck :O and when i try to view my score.. thats my userpage.. there is nothing . .the page is blank.. when i say blank i mean the title and stuff is there, the main style of the page is present.. but no content is generated.. i tried several times :-/

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As your smart score increases rate of increase of smart score decreases.I am stuck with 58 for a century:). The reason to the second problem is not identified but it gets solved on its own.I too have this problem often.
@Mashy I am not able to open your page too. And think of SmartScore as a percentile pyramid: you have more at the bottom and less at the top. So you have to get a lot of medals to get your score up. I know the feeling.
oh ok... then its fine :P.. i just wanted to know if there was some problem or something :P

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Other answers:

Mashy, I have been stuck on 72 for a long time! (-: No one said it was easy.
Oh, and I could see your score etc etc. I hope you can.
SmartScore is not linear.
what do those dots represent? in the chart @Preetha yea now i can see it too :)
It's your SmartScore graph
It's like they have plotted your points in the format (date,smartscore) and joined them with lines. A dot is put every other week.
You might have to give the server some time to digest all the activities related to accounts on the server. Also, the higher your score, the more tasks you would have to exert to raise it even higher. While I am not the developer behind OPEN STUDY, I am not clear as to the approach and tier levels the score system is based on. Keep exerting effort, and gradually see changes I guess.

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