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if you were writting a story about somone who would it be about? and why?

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You could write about your mom and her loving qualites.. everything that she's done for you when you were growing up :)
i would have written something that changed my life, an experience that brought a revolutionary change in me that changed my perception towards life and made me feel what life is , so yea something that is quite significant , how that journey begun how things changed and what consequences came out of it i would love to write that. And the reason is life is very short and very interesting if lived not passed, most of us just pass the time on planet earth but few of us live it to the fullest. And in simple words the reason of it would be, we born with nothing but die with a word that is our name, that word should not be a word that should be a legend :) thanks
I love ur respons ghazi :) nice

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Other answers:

brilliant @ghazi :) i like the idea
very very nice response @ghazi i love this but if you could change something into 'someone' like she said in her question, it is someone who changed your life but really nice idea :)
thanks @LonelyandForgotten well as she asked about someone, then i can write about someone who changed me , who gave a new direction to my life, so i can write like how i met that person , what i learned from that person and what that person made me in to :D
sure :D its a great idea
yea i think so, in fact i have started writing ;)
i think this is like that narrative essay thing i did not too long ago, its very similar
yea i remember that one , it is similar but this idea can be transformed in to book :D
your starting a book now? :D
i have already begun, and it will take time but sooner or later it will be ready :D hope you have a brief idea who is it about and what turning points i faced so far and all :)
hmm i think i know and im sure it will turn out to be a great book, you should publish it :D
yea lets pray i get it done on time :)
goodluck :) i hope you do well on your book :D
i need that person's blessing and wishes :D thanks :)
well you have it ;)
awww :)
I would write it about animals and family becouse i LOVE both of them very much:)
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i hate when i misspell things.

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