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can anyone post problem set 2 solutions?

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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You know they are posted already right? Problem Set 2 is due in lecture 6, and there is a zip file of solutions right there.
which course?
mit 6.00x intro computer science.

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Other answers:

I have seen there but their is no code.
in lecture no 6. can you please tell me where that code is located in lec. 6
i hav no idea where the code is in lec6
RcMorea can you please tell where the problem set 2 in lecture 6? please help
please can anyone tell me that in code how to subtract the payment and add the interest for each month ? in paying the minimum assignment. please help
@bwCA wht is this you have posted above
im not getting correct
I'm really looking for the solutions as well. I found out about the class late (yesterday) and would really like to be able to proceed with the course without a missing assignment over my head.
@Suchandrarao that code will find the minimum payment required to pay off a debt (with interest) in twelve months
It looks to me like you are doing the "first" problem set...not counting the one where you just set up python. The similar problem set in the 2011 course has it's answers at the bottom of the 4th lecture for 2011, in a zip file. Here:
Of course I recommend you don't look at that until you have tried for quite a few hours yourself, but its there...
I've actually seen those previously and unless I'm doing something wrong, they don't match the 'test answers' they suggest you use before submitting.
I recall someone else saying they were getting an answer...450, if I recall...and the supposedly correct answer was 440. So, I ran it in my code and also got the same answer they did (have to admit I'm not really an expert here). So, I made an Excel spreadsheet, and it came up with the same answer too... So, I have to ask...are you getting 450 and the supposedly correct answer is 440?
If the question you're referencing is "test case 2" under problem 2, then yes I'm having the same issue.
personally, i think 450 is correct. i know one other person got that, i got that, and like i said, an Excel file which simply takes the original balance, times the interest rate, minus the payment, 12 times, yields a paid-off balance on 450, but a not paid-off balance on 440. Now, I'm not in your class and don't actually have your instruction sheet, so maybe there is some subtle thing, but otherwise thats how it seems to me.
For what it's worth, I can think of one way 440 might be right...if you subtract the payment BEFORE you add the interest I think 440 might be then that is just a question of what the instructions said to do...
Well, I'm either just going to do the assignment late or genuinely attempt it myself after I've finished the lecture sequences and finger exercises. Tick tock until 10pm, I suppose! Thank you for the information, in any case.

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