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Hi .. im Pauline Jane M. Par a second year college student of Southern Luzon State University .. Taking up Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Minor in Statistics. I want to know if you have an additional information about the three dimensional space? Thank you.

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Google does.
uy, pinoy. yebah.
What experience do you have with it?

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Other answers:

Yes Google does geerky42. can you all guys help me?
Google can help.
Just as points in 2 space can be placed in one to one correspondence with pairs of real numbers using two perpendicular coordinate lines, so points in 3 space can be placed in one to one correspondence with triples of real numbers by using three mutually perpendicular coordinate line called x-axis, the y-axis and z-axis. Am i right?
Well you can just say it's a tuple (x,y,z) where x, y and z are real numbers. If you want to know more about it and particularly how to manipulate objects in it try multivariable calculus. It will take you from vectors, and planes in n-space to evaluating line and surface integrals. It deals mostly with 3-space
So, am i right that in three dimensional space we are using right handed?
saan sa luzon yang university?
The cartesian coordinate system usually used in 3-space is a right handed triple. But you often have other basis
The set of points with three positive coordinates forms the first octant. And why is it that the remaining octant have no standard numbering?
What do you mean standard numbering. It's just like with quadrants in the x-y plane.
only the region is space where x,y,z>0 is baptized "first octant"
Thank you :)) and what are the difference between the rectangular, sphere and cylindrical surfaces in 3 space?
sa rectangular system, ang first component ay distance from the x-axis, and second component ay distance sa y-axis, at ang third component ay distance sa z-axis. so, "rectangles" and maform sa bawat plane.
How do we graph a rectangular coordinate in three space? Can you graph it for me ?
|dw:1361687872664:dw| marunong ka magtagalog?
And also how to graph a sphere in 3 dimensional space. Thank you :))
Are you a foreign student residing in Quezon, @PaulinePar ?
No im not :)) Pilipino po ako .. i just want to enhance my skills sa pagsasalita ng English po.. So, can we continue our conversation about this topic? Thanks for all your response ..
okay. can you help him answer this question?
consider the rectangular point in space P(5, -2, 3)|dw:1361688611129:dw|
For the graph of the sphere? i'll take my time to think my idea regarding your question..
are you interested in the sphere, or locating a point in space using spherical coordinate system?
Yes. can you do it for me? Am i right that the standard equation of the sphere is the same as the standard equation of a circle in 2 space, but with an additional term to account for the third coordinate?
yes, you are right. it's \[(x-x_0)^2 + (y-y_0)^2 + (z-z_0)^2 = r^2\] a sphere with radius r>0 and center at ((x0, y0, z0)
Thank you :)) Can you make a graph for me ?
if k>0, then the graph of this equation is a sphere with center (x0,y0,z0) and radius sqrt of k . Am i right?
if you are refering to the equation (x-xo)^2 + (y-yo)^2 + (z-zo)^2 = k > 0, then yes, you are right, the radius is r=sqrt(k)
Yes. then if k=0, then the sphere has a radius zero, so that graph is the single point (x0,y0,z0) ? Am i also right ?
if you need a software to view curves in space and surfaces, you may want to use this software free from microsoft. 32-bit windows application: 64-bit-application:
yes, similar to a point circle in analytic geometry.
Thank you for that. but i also need the opinion and knowledge of others like you because it is my project in school .. So, can we continue this?
So, then if \[k <0\], the equation is not satisfied by any values of x,y and z (why?) so it has no graph. Right sirm3d?
right again, similar to a degenerate circle if k<0 in nalytic geometry.
Thank you. And am i Right that it is also possible to graph equations in two variables in 3 space ? and that is a cylindrical surface?
again, the answer is yes. it will be the curve in the plane involving the two variables, retraced in each plane parallel to the starting plane.
you can add me in your "friend list" by becoming my fan. in this way, you'll be notified if i go online and offline.
Ow. Nice also @sirm3d :)) So the process of generating a plane curve parallel to some line is called extrusion? Right?
i have to check a mathematics dictionary. i'm not into terminologies.
I already add you @sirm3d .. Thank you :))
Are you a student also or what ?
Ok. check it and correct me if im wrong.
finished my studies.
i think the word was taken from a manufacturing process of creating objects with fixed cross-sectional profile.
what course?
pareho po tayo
That's Good to hear :)) You can help me now. Where you from sir?
zambales po
what help do you seek, madam? hihi
pasyal po muna kasama ang pamilya. walang pasok bukas.

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