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I have photos from a multiple choice test that I NEED to pass in order to get into college

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I have photos from a test that I NEED to pass in order to get into college!!
Its multiple choice too

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@rosedewittbukater are you helping me?! THANK UUUUU
For the first one you could use the pythagorean theorem. a^2 + b^2 = c^2 and see if the 2 smaller sides squared added together equals the largest side squared. For the second one get both equations into slope intercept form y=mx+b and see if the m (the slope) of both equations are the same. The third one, get the 2 back inside the radical by ^2 ing it and multiplying by 7. Then square all of the numbers (the square root of 28 squared is 28) and add together the 2 smaller numbers to see if they equal the bigger number. An octagonal prism has 24 edges. For the last one on the first picture I think its true because it can have some triangular faces.
I'm only a freshman but I take honors algebra 2 so I'll see how much I can help. So far it doesn't seem too hard.
I got true, true, false, true, false
For the first page?
yes, I know that #4 is false now
I double checked
27^2 + 31^2 = 48^2 729 + 961 = 2304 1690 = 2304 That's what I got for number 1, so I think its false.
oh okay
number 2 2x+5y = 20 5y = -2x + 20 y = -2/5x + 10 2x - 5y = 35 -5y = -2x + 35 y = 2/5x + 7 Since 2/5 is not the same as -2/5, its not parallel.
So 2 is false also.
Hey, I really still need a lot of help, but I have to go babysit soon, Ill be back on around 4 if you could still help? if you have gmail maybe we can chat?
I might be gone by then but you can message me on here if that works.
the whole test is multiple choice too
Oh ok good
thank you so much!
Ill probably just ask a question and post all of the pictures i have in it and tag you
If you're caught cheating on a test in college, you won't even be in college at all.
dude, its one semester of geometry i failed that im making up
ok that's fine. I'll try to explain it so you understand it better because algebra 2 is way worse and more confusing especially if you don't get the basics. Just warning you.
I already passed alg 2!
This is just a final test that I need to pass so I can make up a grade
I need to get all the answers by tonight because the test is tomorrow
I have to go! bye!
Oh ok cool! Good luck! I still have homework so I won't message you right away but I'll try to help as much as I can. Is this the actual test?

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